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Intimate Portraits of London’s Diverse Young Women

Photographer Guste Sakalauskaite’s portraits document the different faces of young women who call London home.

With a population edging close to 9 million residents, London is one of the world’s largest cities—and also one of the most diverse with close to 40% of Londoners coming from outside the UK. Having relocated to London herself, from Vilnius, Lithuania, photographer Guste Sakalauskaite decided to create a portrait series that shows other young women coming of age in the UK capital.

Sakalauskaite’s photos serve as both a visual record of a diverse city and a means of making personal connections. “Most of of the girls that I photographed were complete strangers to me,” she says. She got in touch with her subjects through friends and social media, aiming to shoot women from the widest range of countries possible.

Despite their different backgrounds, Sakalauskaite found undeniable similarities between herself and the women she photographed. “I found out that we all have to go though the same challenges and problems while trying to settle down in this city.”

Photographed at home, mostly in their bedrooms, Sakalauskaite’s subjects reveal a sense of uncertainty that any young person in a new city will relate to. Despite the anonymity, the photos feel very personal, as if the viewer is also sitting down with each subject and getting to know her.

See more of Guste Sakalauskaite’s photography at her online portfolio, built using Format.

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