Ian Kose: A photographer with a ‘steadfast’ resolve for adventure

Follow Ian Kose and his pals down the Pacific coast through his carefree collection of skate, bike, and Americana photos.

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In late 2014, Ian Kose and a couple of his close friends, feeling the need for a healthy injection of adventure in their lives, rode down the Pacific coast from Seattle to Mexico. What resulted was a collection of photographs, stories, and a book, Steadfast, that illustrates the kind of journey that many dream of but few have the gumption to pull the trigger on.

Kose’s documentation of the trip is indicative of the kind of person who thrives on the rhythms of the road: restless and scheming when forced to stay in one spot, explosive with a deep love of adventure when set free. His photos from the Pacific Northwest feature glimpses into small town motel Americana, the majesty of Redwoods National forest, prime skate spots, whale skeletons and of course, the brutal but beautiful highway, sprawled out and deceptively infinite. If you’ve ever felt the pull to chase that little white line, you might not make it through his entire collection before setting out to plan your next trip.




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