Photo Series: Desert Daze by Katrin Braga

A post-apocalyptic dreamland captured by photographer Katrin Braga.

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A post-apocalyptic dreamland captured by photographer Katrin Braga.

An air of ethereal futurism emanates from Katrin Braga’s sandy photo series, shot at a construction site in suburban Vancouver. Her ability to capture such delicate details in such an outlandish environment is a talent seldom encountered in editorial photography.

“I’m obsessed with capturing different eras in time,” she says. “I wanted this shoot to be futuristic but it also went more in the direction of an alternate universe than I expected.”

The Icelandic-born, Vancouver-based photographer discovered her father’s old film camera in her family’s storage room at age 15. “My dad took me on a road trip one day and showed me how to shoot photos and I immediately fell in love with it.”

Before relocating to Canada with her boyfriend at 20 years old, the then-teenaged Braga had already started receiving attention for her work from local Reykjavik newspapers. In a few short years, Braga’s photos started to become featured in noteworthy creative publications such as VICE and Bullet Magazine—not bad for a newcomer with no formal photography training.

Drawn to strong, unconventionally attractive female subjects, Braga hopes her work will empower women. “I want to avoid the relationship where the photographer is the boss telling the models what to do. I want my work to convey a community of women working together and having their own voice in the creative process.”

The powerful female energy Braga seeks to communicate in her work definitely comes through in this photo series. Braga has close relationships with the models she cast for this shoot, and the chemistry between photographer and subject definitely shows in the final product.

The captivating poses, stunning expressions, creamy colours and rough yet touchable textures in Desert Daze leave the viewer feeling dreamily displaced and wanting to see more.

Find more of Katrin Braga’s work at her portfolio, built using Format.


(photography: Katrin Braga, art direction: Maria Katarina, styling: Deanna Palkowski, makeup: Paula Lanzador, hair: Tania Becker, models: Tre from RadKids and Lorde Inc, Nicola from Lorde Inc, Jenny Choi from RadKids, Tatenda from Detention agency, Elysse from Family Management)


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