Mandy-Lyn: Candid shots of her west coast babes

Featured in publications like VICE and Juxtapoz, Mandy-Lyn is best known capturing for honest, raw photos of femininity.

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Mandy-Lyn is a Vancouver based photographer who works solely in the medium of 35mm film. With an old Canon handed down from her grandpa, Mandy-Lyn makes photos of the West Coast’s “coolest babes” that capture a sexually charged, youthful femininity. The relaxed nature of her subjects imply a special level of intimacy with their photographer, and it’s this ability to bottle honest vulnerability, on top of the gorgeous colours she gets from the sun-drenched coast, that makes Mandy-Lyn’s work stand out.

On top of shooting photos, Mandy-Lyn also has three event production teams comprised of “smart, lovely young ladies doin’ it for themselves” that collectively throw parties for nearly every music genre under the sun. Professionally, the young artist has collaborated with HUF, she’s worked with Altamont Apparel on a t-shirt collection, and in January 2015, she put out her zine Babeland. Following in true DIY fashion, Mandy-Lyn curates cassette mixtapes which you can listen to for free on her site.

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