Sweet, Honest Reactions of People Hearing Music for the First Time by Maya Fuhr

Photographer Maya Fuhr visits the hospital's cochlear implant ward.

maya fuhr cochlear photography 12

Photographer Maya Fuhr visits the hospital’s cochlear implant ward.

In a departure from her usual low-fi fashion photography, Maya Fuhr’s latest series sweetly captures recent cochlear implant patients’ reactions to hearing music for the first time.

The charity project #RandomActsOfMusic is a collaboration between Yamaha and Toronto’s Sunnybrook Medical Centre. #RandomActsOfMusic connects profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing people with the ability to hear music
. Unfortunately, like many “invisible illnesses”, hearing disabilities often go overlooked and underfunded because it’s not a visually-apparent disability.

After getting their cochlear implant, which is an electronic device inserted into the inner ear, these patients have their hearing restored—and for some, it was the first time they had ever heard music.

Maya’s photos capture the simple, sweet, and honest reactions of these lucky patients.


Visit Random Acts of Music here.
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