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Photo Series: The Nude Party on Tour

Photographer and musician Alec Castillo documents his band The Nude Party during their off-hours during tour—and let’s just say, the band earns their name.

For the past year, Alec Castillo’s band The Nude Party has been on the road. His photo series “Tour” captures everything that happens when they aren’t playing on stage. There’s all the essentials of travelling with a group of friends in a van: partying, crashing and hanging out hungover in a stranger’s apartment.

Originally from North Carolina, Castillo juxtaposes reoccurring portraits with transient environments. Like the experience of tour, the images are familiar yet unfamiliar. We see the same faces on rooftops, at house parties and sleeping in the park with a beer box as a pillow.

“These are the guys I’ve known from an early age, live with, tour with, and spend every waking moment with, ” he says. “This is a diary of adventures we’ve had together and intimate moments we’ve shared along the way.”

Alec Castillo’s Portfolio

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