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Photo Series: The Price of a Black Life in America

For Ina Lounguine, of the Ukraine-based LIVE WILD collective, news reports of Fergus, Baltimore, or Oakland always seemed to come from a whole other world entirely. However, when she visited the United States she connected with the gut-wrenching feeling of injustice towards the African-American community.

“News keep breaking the same stories, repeating in a concerning loop as if massive media coverage could not bring awareness nor work law reinforcement,” Lounguine explains. She started photographing household items with metaphorical significance.

Her photo series The Price of a Black Life in America aims not only to investigate the outsider perception of race and power struggles within the USA, but also to call attention to the repetitive nature of these issues.

It is meant to be seen as an artistic work not a documentary one,“ she says. "I condemn a situation I can’t get my head around by using the power of images when the words have obviously failed.”

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