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The Collapsed Photography of Trever Reyes

The experience of suburban life is captured in these 3D scrunched up photographs.

In his photo series Collapse, Trever Reyes makes the malaise of suburban environments look three-dimensional. The photographer, who is currently based in San Diego, says that the work was “born from my experience of re-entering suburban life after moving to an urban city.”

The photographs in Collapse are literally collapsed, crunched together towards uneven centers, as if the photographer printed out the images, balled them up in his hands, and then unraveled them, smoothed them out haphazardly, and scanned them. The final effect is unsettling, as familiar spaces are rearranged at strange, impossible angles. The sense of isolation in these settings is made very clear.

“The suburbs are where the American dream is simultaneously born and unraveling,” Reyes says, and it’s true that the landscapes in Collapse manage to evoke destruction and preservation at the same time. Like the best suburban photographers, Reyes focuses in so closely on the most mundane environments that interesting details eventually emerge.

See more of Trever Reye’s photography at his online portfolio, built using Format.

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