Meet the photographer running through the 6ix with Drake

Theo Skudra has accompanied the Champagne Papi on three world tours—and has candid photos capturing every step of the way.

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Follow @champagnepapi for a couple days and you’re bound to see a shoutout to photographer Theo Skudra. Skudra has spent this past year with the OVO Crew, globetrotting with the 6ix God on three world tours and capturing everything from Muay Thai fights in Thailand to sold out arenas. Skudra also recently got to flex his directorial skills on the The Game’s “100″ music video, a track which Drake accompanies on.

His instagram feed is full of candid black and white moments. Together they form a thrilling photo-essay of life on the road with one of the world’s biggest entertainers, bringing together moments of enormous celebrity with quieter images of the people touched by the music and the worlds they inhabit.


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