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When Star Wars Meets Street Photography

Photographer Thomas Dagg mixes Star Wars with real life for surreal results.

Thomas Dagg’s cheeky yet eerily beautiful Star Wars series was inspired by his childhood affinity towards the classic film franchise. “The series is a visual representation of my imagination at 8, during my Star Wars peak,” Dagg told us, “From 5 years old on, Star Wars played a massive role in my life; I was completely obsessed.”

Wearing out his VHS copies (remember those?), the young fan would pool his savings to buy books and toys; anything that would bring him closer to the universe George Lucas had created.

“As a person who now makes a living with creativity, I realized that I owed Star Wars a lot. It was the first thing that sparked my imagination, and I felt this urge to honour it.”

Thomas Dagg’s Online Portfolio

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