Vanessa McKeown Plays With Food in 'Good Gone Bad'

Art director/photographer Vanessa McKeown flips the idea of food photography on its head with these charming still lifes.

London-based art director and photographer Vanessa McKeown has created an entirely new way to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables with her clever still life photographs. The Chelsea College of Art and Design graduate playfully uses everyday objects to reimagine food in colourful compositions—visions of eggplants, grapes, and tomatoes are created using strategically filled balloons and actual plant stems.

In her latest series Good Gone Bad, McKeown blurs the lines between nutritious and “fast” foods by covering familiar vegetables with unhealthy toppings. Her beautifully clean imagery and careful consideration as to how foods are prepared and consumed have resulted in multiple variations of the series. Visually fascinating and thought provoking, the images have generated a rather large online discussion, and plans from McKeown to expand upon the series.

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