Ward Roberts: Conceptual Photography in Pastels

Photographer Ward Roberts explores the universal themes of loneliness and isolation in a series of intimate portraits.


New York native Ward Roberts is best known for his conceptual photography: striking images utilizing soft pastels that seem — all at once — part of our everyday experience, and part of something totally surreal. Often tackling themes of loneliness and isolation in his work, this exploration is continued within his latest series O.

Each of Roberts’ subjects is captured nude against a subdued sunset backdrop, seemingly in defiance of their exposed physical vulnerability. What connects each of these unique individuals is the Body — white, robust, an homage to the turn of the century paintings — and the Sky, all-encompassing and life-giving. Roberts’ quiet series encourages us to move past loneliness, isolation, and find everyday elements to act as points of connection — even in the absence of others.


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