WeTransfer Teams Up With Photographer Delaney Allen for Free Landscape Downloads

It's rocks, plants and snow like you've never seen before in landscape photography—plus download them for free on WeTransfer.

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Based between Texas and Oregon, American photographer Delaney Allen’s work explores landscapes, both personal and geographical.

In his unsettling self portraits, Allen often depicts himself with his face obscured or body blurred, in contrast with his sharply realized photos of natural settings. In his series Between Here and There, a deeply personal breakup story unfolds through email printouts, juxtaposed between images of mountains, caves, and forests. In this work, as in much of Allen’s photography, there’s an overwhelming sense of loneliness to the images. Allen himself describes them as “otherworldly.”

Allen’s landscape photography has the kind of rich texture that makes you really want to get up close. It’s just as haunting as his portraits, but in a more subtle way. Natural textures fill the whole frame in close-ups of plant leaves, snow that looks like ice cream, densely layered rocks at the bottom of a cliff.

Right now, WeTransfer is currently giving away four high-resolution photos by Allen, which you can download at This Works. Give your phone or desktop screen some ambiance with these finely detailed, mesmerizing photos. (Or make your own prints for some real-life home decor?)

Find more of Delaney Allen’s photography at his portfolio.

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