The Psychedelic Burger GIFs of Your Dreams

Fashion photographer Nathalie Théry makes burgers pop.

nathalie thery photography portfolio 3.gif

Fashion photographer Nathalie Théry makes burgers pop.


“This series was done actually for the new menu of Yeah! Burger based in London. Yeah! Burger has a very vibrant, pop-art vibe in their branding, which matches the personality of the chef and owner. I wanted to match that.

“I mainly shoot fashion and I have that same playfulness in my shoots. I just applied my aesthetics to shooting burgers.

“I had to be quite quick and precise to get the shot in the first couple of frames because the burgers were sometimes runny and juicy it can get sloppy. Also being able to showcase the layers in each burger, and the precision and planning when making the shots for the GIFs, presented some challenges.

“As for my future in the world of burger styling? If I am commissioned to do something similar again, I’ll definitely see what else I can do with it. I have since done what I did to the burgers with other clients, including socks, art and fashion.”

—Nathalie Théry

Visit her portfolio to see more of her work.

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