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Design, Curate & Attract:
How to build the perfect online portfolio

With tens of thousands of creative portfolios in the Format community, we’ve seen the triumphs and tribulations of portfolio design. That’s why we’re sharing tips and tricks to help you build a portfolio website that will take your career to the next level.

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What you’ll find inside:

“The impact of having an online portfolio is almost immeasurable to a professional creative’s business,”
— Thomas Dagg, photographer.

Establish your online presence
Your portfolio website is the best way to illustrate who you are and what you can do—it’s your professional story. Make sure your story stands out.

Identify the best portfolio design for you
Your portfolio should complement your work, not compete with it. Professional website design lets your work shine.

Curate by being your toughest critic
When it comes to curating your work, less is more. It should be all killer and no filler.

Attracting clients with your portfolio
What are clients looking for? Follow these five simple rules to make sure that your online portfolio attracts new clients and lands you the job.

Building an online portfolio?
Find out how to make a portfolio with