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From Part-time to Professional:
How to manage your creative business

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“Overnight successes are rare. If you really want to make your passion your career, you can’t stand with one foot out the door. Your whole heart has to be in it.”
— Minh Bui, photographer

Don’t sell yourself short
Putting a price on your work can be difficult, but it’s one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. Learn how to establish a price-per-project model to help grow your business.

How to handle unhappy clients
95% of unhappy clients will do business with you again if you are able to resolve their issue in a timely manner. Turn an obstacle into an opportunity to create loyal clients.

Invoicing to save you time and money
Having a proactive invoicing strategy will help you avoid billing headaches in the long run. Develop a professional, organized way to communicate pricing to your clients.

Take control of your taxes
Tax season can make even the most organized of us sweat. Learning about the new forms, new rates, new taxes and even new payment schedules involved with running a creative business is half the battle.

Building an online portfolio?
Find out how to make a portfolio with