Ikea Launches New Photo App ‘Klickk’

It only takes one photo.

ikea klikk 1

It only takes one photo.

If you think building Ikea furniture is frustrating, just wait until you hear about the Swedish retailer’s new photography app. There’s no filters, editing or multiple attempts.

The app, Klikk, takes one photo. That’s it. Launched on April 7th by Ikea Belgium, the app makes “people aware again of the skills required to take a good photo, one where there’s no fuss or Photoshop, just good timing, the right light and the proper framing of the shot…what’s needed in short, is a good photographic eye.”


It’s an interesting concept that brings analog process to digital devices. What would you do with one single snap?

The photos taken on Klikk will be submitted to Ikea Belgium for a chance to be selected for 2016’s Art Collection. This year, Ikea’s limited edition Art Collection will feature photographers. The theme for 2015 was street art. Prints will be available in Ikea stores around the world.

The Klikk contest, however, is only open to Belgium photographers. The rest of the Art Collection will include representatives from 11 different countries. Even if you’re not in Belgium, Klikk is an interesting idea that makes us re-examine the way we take photos.

Make sure you share this with all the Belgian photographers in your network.

YouTube video

You download Klikk in the App Store or from Google Play.

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