Take a look at Julian Glander’s goop, glob, and floam

The illustrator/animator shares his unconventional (and wildly fun) toolkit.

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I recently hooked up some USB foot pedals so I can do keyboard shortcuts with all four limbs.

Who are you and what do you make?I make piles of goofy 3D art, illustration, video games, short films, et cetera. Lately a big chunk of my practice has been making animated GIFs for brands. I also have a weekly comic on VICE. Oh, and my name is Julian Glander. Hi!

What are the most important tools of your trade?Get ready for the most disappointing answer ever… drumroll please… COMPUTER. That’s pretty much where it all happens for me. But being a digital dude leaves plenty of room in my workspace for toys and various clay-ish materials. For research purposes, of course.

I recently hooked up some USB foot pedals so I can do keyboard shortcuts with all four limbs. Check back in a few years when I’ve shed my physical form and my consciousness is uploaded to a 2018 iMac.


How do you make sure your personality shines through when you’re working with commercial clients?I think it helps that my visual sensibility is pretty consistent. So when an art director hires me they have an idea what they are going to get ahead of time. I’ve never worked on a project where it’s been an issue, so maybe I’m just really lucky. Well, scratch that, I have the best job in the world—I KNOW I’m really lucky!

Tell us about your iOS and Android app ROY G BIV.Ok! ROY G BIV is a music app that makes tones based on the color of whatever you point your phone at. Goofy musical toys are the one thing I can’t stop collecting (see quadrants X, B21, and 4[x] of the above image). I do music for my animations sometimes, but mostly I just like to noodle around. So ROY G BIV was my humble addition into the novelty synth canon.


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