Maria Jose Carlier illustrates quiet visions of pastel paradise

The Chilean illustrator is inspired by her homeland, creating soothing mosaics of pastels and lines.

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Anybody who’s taken a trip to a luxury destination no doubt remembers the heat, the fancy cocktails, the banana boat. Carlier’s depictions of paradise take your mind to those quieter moments: as the sun comes up, light bouncing off the trees, water and tile. Her cool, clean tones and strong lines create a soothing mosaic of colour and contrast—an image of the perfect getaway.

For Maria Jose Carlier, home is her greatest influence. The sunrises and sunsets to the lush gadrens and beach houses of Algarrobo, Chile, provide Carlier with myriad subjects for her work. Carlier is an illustrator and graphic designer who is currently working on several creative projects, including designs for the apparel company Cascada, original artwork and t-shirts.

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