Discover the pastel contents of Maria Marie’s toolkit

The Mexico-born London-based photographer and stylist shows us how she creates her dreamy pastel still lifes.

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Moving from Mexico to London has made me look for other sources of inspiration … and discover new ways of working and being.

  1. Instax Mini 90. I love the feeling of analogue photography, not knowing what the outcome will be.
  2. Edie & Watson Glasses. They are great for long times spent on the computer doing research or editing.
  3. Notebook. I love writing things down on paper and doing sketches for my next photo shoots.
  4. Washitapes. They are very useful for styling! They give a nice pop of color to everything.
  5. Pantone Cards. I just love them! I love playing with them to create new color combinations.
  6. My Canon 6D . It’s my favorite camera ever — I love that it has WiFi included. It’s so easy to share photos instantly while travelling.
  7. iPhone

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Marioly Vazquez, the creative behind Maria Marie. I’m a photographer and stylist from Mexico and I recently moved to London to pursue my Masters degree. I’m a creative wanderer; I love exploring places looking for color, textures and compositions.

Which item do you never leave the house without?

My iPhone. It’s basically all of my creative tools in one. I take photos of things that inspire me and make collections of them. If I get some sudden inspiration while I’m walking around, I can write everything down andnwork on it when I get home.

How do you find that your work in the worlds of photography and styling influence each other?

Photography and styling are both very visual; both require you to have a good sense of composition and color. I can combine both aspects of my professional self to create better photos that reflect my complete style.


You have a great eye for color and texture. Are there certain combinations that you find yourself drawn towards?

Thank you, one of my main inspirations is color. I tend to look for it everywhere, and when I’m styling I love to add a certain spark of color and texture. Obviously, I feel more drawn to soft and pastel colours because I think they reflect my personality, but I’m not closed to other shades! As we evolve, personally or professionally, we tend to get different inspirations from where we’re living — that’s whats happening to me currently.

Moving from Mexico to London has made me look for other sources of inspiration. The light here is not the same; I don’t find the same colors as I used to find in Mexico; the lifestyle is different. But, all those things make me go out of my comfort zone and discover new ways of working and being.

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