Stephen Foster Meyer: Artist is Selling $1 Banana With a Joke on It

Stephen Foster Meyer is the artist behind this exclusive deal.

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You’ve probably heard that bananas are a good source of potassium, which is essential to good cardiovascular health. But they’re also pretty capable of tickling your funny bone, especially if industrial design student Stephen Foster Meyer gets a hold of one.

Meyer has taken the banana—the comedic aspirations of which were previously limited to slapstick, slipping-on-a-peel gags—to a more cerebral place of funniness. For just $1 (plus shipping), you can order a banana complete with a joke written on it.

If laughter really is the best medicine, you could do a whole lot worse than getting your chuckles in the mail along with a literal dose of nutrition. Format caught up with Meyer to find out a little more about his project.

Format: Where did this idea come from?

Stephen Foster Meyer: A lot of the work I produce is mostly digital art and photography, but I’ve been wanting to try and sell something more tangible. So after a good night out with some friends, I came home and noticed that Format launched a Store feature. I’ve always liked making people happy, and figured this would be a great way to try out something new.

What’s your favourite joke you’ve sent?

Since I’ve only sent one as a test, I kept it simple and to the point with an “apple ≠ BANANA :^)”.

So, why a banana? Why not an apple, or a dragon fruit, or a coconut?

It’s out of the ordinary. Curved, yellow fruit with a joke on it just seemed like the proper first step to get people interested.

Is there some sort of deeper message you’re trying to send, along with this highly nutritious treat?

It’s an exploration in new and alternative ways to make people laugh or smile. Regardless if someone actually orders one or not, I’ve noticed that people get a laugh just from the idea of it.

What else are you working on right now?

I’m currently a senior at James Madison University, pursuing a degree in Industrial Design. My team and I are researching ‘wicked problems’ but specifically, how mental health can be improved in local underprivileged communities to effectively create social capital for the community at large. It’s hard work, but offers very rewarding experiences.

Visit Stephen Foster Meyer’s portfolio here to buy his banana.

Keep scrolling to see more (albeit banana-free) work by Meyer.


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