12 Illustrations in Memory of Bill Cunningham

Artwork inspired by Bill Cunningham, the iconic NYT fashion photographer who passed away June 25th.


New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham documented street style in NY for decades. With his bicycle, trademark blue worker’s jacket, and 35mm camera, Cunningham was a familiar fixture on Manhattan streets—so much so that, in 2009, the city designated him a living landmark.

Cunningham’s no-frills lifestyle and passionate dedication to his photography helped him stand out not only in New York’s fashion scene, but internationally too, especially after a critically-acclaimed documentary about his life and work was made in 2010.

On Saturday, Cunningham passed away at the age of 87, and Instagram is full of artists paying their respects to the beloved photographer. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tributes to Cunningham in this gallery.

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