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12 Gifts That Photographers Actually Want

If you need a gift for a photographer, this list of suggestions from photographers using Format will definitely hit the mark.

Most photographer have probably unwrapped at least one very well-meaning, yet very terrible, camera-themed gift before. Maybe it was a necklace with a camera pendant. Or one of those mugs that look like a photorealistic (sorry) lens.

Obviously, we can’t all give our photographer relatives and pals each a brand new DSLR. But if you’re looking for a present for a photographically-inclined friend, why not go the practical route? Whether they’re a serious professional or just shooting for fun, the gift of gear is what every photographer really wants. We know because we asked twelve photographers (who happen to have brilliant Format portfolios) for their holiday wish lists.

A few options here run on the pricey side (hello, medium format cameras), but there’s also lots of recommendations that would make good stocking stuffers, from beloved film brands to the best new photography books. Plus, don’t forget that every photographer needs a great portfolio!

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Ilford HP5 35mm Film

“All the film money can buy. I’m pretty much using Ilford HP5 or Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 (JCH 400) exclusively.” - Arthur Hitchcock, photographer and artist in Portland, Oregon

Intimate Distance by Todd Hido

“The main item on my wish list is a wide angle prime for my Olympus OMD. I’m also on the lookout for Todd Hido’s book Intimate Distance. - Frank Luca, photographer and graphic designer in Kamloops, Canada

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Lens

Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens would be dope.“ - Tarina Tommiska, photographer, designer, and illustrator in Helsinki, Finland

Fujifilm 100 35mm Film

“There’s never enough 35mm film. Almost all of the photos on my Format website are taken with Fujifilm 100.” - Anna Bobkova, photographer and curator in Taipei, Taiwan

Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Camera

Canon 5D Mark III, studio equipment (backdrops).” - Damola Akintunde, photographer in North Carolina

Sleeping By The Mississippi by Alec Soth

“Photo books, 120 film, reflector. Hopefully going to have Alec Soth’s Sleeping By The Mississippi.” - Alex Holroyd, photographer and graphic designer in Glasgow, Scotland

CineStill High Speed 35mm Color Film

“800 ISO 35mm and 120mm film is always a banger gift. Kodak Portra 800 daylight balanced and CineStill 800 tungsten balanced are my favorite films to have at hand.“ - Eduan Groenewald, photographer in South Africa

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

“35mm Kodak Portra film, medium format film, and a Lomography film scanner.” - Becky Carveth, photographer in Toronto, Canada

Mamiya 7 Rangefinder Medium Format Camera

“MacBook Pro, film, medium format camera (Mamiya 7 or Pentax 67), Canon lenses, hard drives.” - Ariadna Roma, photographer in Baja California

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film

“On my Christmas wishlist: Instax film and a Mamiya medium format (with plenty of film). Not quite the moon on a stick… In reality it will probably be a new external hard drive!” - Kerry Curl, photographer in Norwich and London, England

Wandrd Camera Bag

“The Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel. A travel bag with photographers in mind—what more could you ask for. Ordered mine yesterday. I might also add a Leica MP to the collection. The film one that is!” - Dominique Jahn, photographer in Zürich, Switzerland

Lomography Mixed Film Pack

35mm film.” - Carlos Duro, photographer in Madrid, Spain

Still searching for present inspiration? Format portfolios make excellent gifts for photographers shooting both film and digital.

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