9 Creative Websites Built Using Format’s Premium Templates

Get inspired by these standout websites created using Format's new premium portfolio themes.


We’re always looking through the websites created by the Format community for fresh design inspiration. We recently released four brand new templates, and the results haven’t disappointed. People have already created some incredible websites using these new designs—from colorful, dynamic layouts to simple, classic online portfolios.

We decided to share a few of our favorite examples with you for a little boost of website inspiration. Here are the best new websites created using Format’s new Premium themes. These talented folks are also showcasing some stunning work on their portfolios too, so this list is a solid double serving of creative ideas.

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Nikita Chorny

Photographer Nikita Chorny shoots fashion editorials and events. His online portfolio showcases his photography in a horizontal scroll, with captions added to each image for added context.

Format theme: Coral


Chesco Perez

London-based photographer Chesco Perez immediately catches the viewer’s eye with the creative layout of his homepage, which utilizes lots of white space and colorful, dynamic transitions between pages.

Format theme: Meander


Jim Ryce

Travel and portrait photographer Jim Ryce is based in Toronto, but his portfolio showcases work shot in a range of locations, from Argentina to Texas. A classic font and simple layout on his website lets the lush scenery of Ryce’s photos take center stage.

Format theme: Coral


Catherine White

Art director, designer, and filmmaker Catherine White currently resides is Montreal, where she works on a range of creative projects. Her portfolio reflects the multidimensional nature of her work, with a homepage that shows previews of different projects. A modern font and bold red color scheme add personality to her website.

Format theme: Iris


Megan Mack

Photographer Megan Mack shows off celebrity portraits and editorial shots with a clean, vertically scrolling layout. Her website makes use of ample white space for a simple and classic feel.

Format theme: Iris


Thibault Charpentier

Travel and lifestyle photographer Thibault Charpentier divides his portfolio into galleries organized by location and subject. Whether shooting in Lebanon, Japan, or Marrakech, Charpentier’s photos are always crisp and neatly composed. Separate website sections for tearsheets and interior photography keep his website organized.

Format theme: Iris


Wade Lee

Stylist Wade Lee has worked on hair for an impressive range of clients, including Nike, Maybelline, Macy’s, and Sephora. His website showcases his portfolio in detail, with a number of galleries highlighting different work. A grid-based homepage layout gives a quick first impression of Lee’s background.

Format theme: Iris


Rozette Rago

LA-based photographer Rozette Rago uses a typewriter font across her whole site for a playful feeling. Her whole portfolio is carefully color-coordinated, with orange-accented links and a changing page background which complements her images.

Format theme: Coral


Hans Millett

The homepage of Hans Millett’s website offers a preview of his work via a fullscreen image and a short bio, quickly introducing the photographer to viewers. Millett’s images are displayed in a tidy vertical scroll, formatted at a large size which fills the whole screen.

Format theme: Iris

Want even more portfolio inspiration? We’ve made quite a few lists of our favorite creative websites built using Format. Take a peek.

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