Photographer Zun Lee Dispels Media Portrayals of Black Fathers

"Father Figure" is a photographic exploration of all the nonbiological fathers Zun Lee had in his life growing up.

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Zun Lee is a self-taught photographer and visual storyteller currently based out of Toronto, Canada, although he was born in Germany and has since lived in several parts of the USA. Because of his nomadic lifestyle and a strained household during his childhood, “home” has always been a fluid construct for Lee—not tied to a physical space nor biological family, but instead created from experience and emotional responses.

Seeking out these points of connection is a large part of Lee’s 2013 project, Father Figure, in which he photographs African-American families in attempts to dispel widely-held public opinion and popular media portrayal of black male stereotypes. Learn more about Zun Lee and his work in our latest InFrame video here.

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