The Best Real Estate Photography Portfolio Examples of 2023

It’s important for real estate photographers to have a clean, professional online portfolio that showcases their aptitude for creating images that sell homes. Find inspiration and ideas for your own by reviewing some of the best real estate photography portfolios.

July 17, 2023

It’s in the best interests of all photographers to have a solid online portfolio, but with the quality of mobile phone images these days, it is particularly important to show real estate agents and homeowners the benefit of hiring a professional. This is your chance to impress prospective clients, so showing off your very best work and special skills (such as 360-degree tours and aerial images) will be paramount. Whether you already have a portfolio website and need to polish up your pages or are just beginning to create your online portfolio, gain inspiration from our best-in-class real estate photographers. Something as simple as a tweak to your navigation, a better fitting theme, or an improvement to your accessibility features may just mean the difference in gaining new work. Showcase your ability as a talented real estate photographer who can make a property come alive, no matter the location, architectural style, or scale. Check out our best real estate portfolio examples for ideas to make your portfolio stand out.

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Jack Bardhamre

Theme used: Horizon Left

Jack Bardhamre is a Swedish photographer active in the Värmland and Närke area. His journey with photography first started in the woods. Bardhamre fell in love with the art during many hikes through the Scandinavian and American mountains. He loves the play between light and dark, the feeling and contrast that happens in between. Bardhamre has always preached for a simple life and finds art and inspiration through his love for nature and the universe.
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Cy Gilbert

Theme used: Foray

Cy has 32 years' experience as a classically-trained flutist, which translate into the clean, "harmonious" lines and compositional techniques with which he imbues architecture and real estate photography. Already published in Atomic Ranch Magazine and the New York Times, Mr. Gilbert is fully immersed in the combination of art and science that becomes the beautiful imagery to which his many followers and clients demand and respect.
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Matthew Heritage

Theme used: Medium

Matthew Heritage is an Exeter, Devon-based architecture and interior photographer working all over the UK and abroad. Matthew studied Media at Leeds Met University where he nourished my love of photography. He started shooting student homes for estate agents and slowly began to pick up more glamorous places to add to my portfolio. He soon realized that he loves the challenge of architectural photography and it's been a 9-year learning experience to get to this point.
desktop browser window frameMindaugas Lapinskas desktop
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Mindaugas Lapinskas

Theme used: Industry

Mindaugas Lapinskas is a photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania, specializing in Real Estate and automotive photography. Lapinskas started their photography journey almost 30 years ago as a teenager, so he remembers the magic in the darkroom waiting for that elusive image to appear. In late 90's Lapinskas produced and hosted alternative music TV show and later worked as a movie translator. But 8 years ago he turned back to photography, this time professionally.
desktop browser window frameJonathan S. Measor | Photography desktop
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Jonathan S. Measor | Photography

Theme used: Offset

Jonathan S. Measor is a lover of photography, architecture, and innovation. His style finds its inspiration from having been a radio technician. It is intended to be as direct and as clear as the eye would see it; with a very easy-to-follow and quiet, "here it is," vibe. Measor likes to describe their style as technical. Please enjoy this showcase selection from the many real estate listings he has captured so far.

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