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Join Lukas Dryja, CEO of Format as he interviews a diverse range of photographers from around the globe about their journeys as artists and entrepreneurs - their stories, their work, their inspiration, their businesses and their impact on the world.

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Episode 4
Dante Marshall / Photographer & Creative Director

Sought after commercial photographer and creative director Dante Marshall joins us on this episode of The Photographer’s Journey. For at least 8 years working in LA, Dante has shot for many recording artist such as Stevie Wonder and Big Sean and well known brands like Nike, Converse, Fender and more.

In this episode he covers:

  • How his friend group propelled him into taking photography more seriously after a start in graphic design
  • His experience in moving to LA with very little and his journey to success
  • The way he maintained his professional relationships throughout COVID
  • How the Importance of maintaining personal work can be in attracting new clients and bigger brands
Episode 3
Alex Strohl / Adventure Photographer

Renowned adventure photographer Alex Strohl joins us on this episode of The Photographer’s Journey. For more than a decade Alex’s photography has captured the attention of big brands and tens of thousands of aspiring photography entrepreneurs in his sought-after workshops.

In this episode he covers:

  • His unconventional start in photography and as a creative entrepreneur
  • How to get the right type of exposure, in the right places early on in your career
  • Photography’s grey area with market rates and working as part of an agency of creatives
Episode 2
Andrea Di Lorenzo / Food & Travel Photographer

Andrea is a seasoned photographer specializing in the food and beverage industry in Rome, Italy. His clients are typically restaurants, hotels and cocktail bars looking to capture the perfect, mouth-watering picture for advertising or editorial use.

Watch or listen to learn:

  • How Andrea broke until an exclusive pack from food photographers
  • The impact of making connections with clients, who’ve since become friends
  • Where he looks to use his talents to help a struggling restaurant industry
  • How COVID has shaped his clients’ needs
Episode 1
Gerry Kingsley / Cinematographer

Recognized for his experimental and unconventional techniques, Gerry has worked on several feature films, TV series’, short films and photographed portraits of personalities like Robbie Amell, Jessica Barden, and Adrian Holmes. Gerry has been a Format Member since 2017.

Watch or listen to learn:

  • How Gerry grew from “Art Kid” in rural Canada to internationally published photographer and cinematographer
  • Why learning business skills has been essential to his success
  • How he adapted his business when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit
  • Who he looks to for inspiration and his goals for the future
Lukas Dryja Format CEO

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Lukas is a design thinker and entrepreneur with a passion for building solution-oriented products who has ignited several successful businesses in the digital arena. As CEO of Format, he's a visionary leader to the growing team. Lukas is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U).

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