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Startup Delivers Elegant Portfolio Software for Creative Professionals

Photographers, says Lukas Dryja, have simple wants from their portfolio software. “The number one goal is to succeed in their career path. So their needs are usually: make me look professional and help me save time.” After all, time spent futzing with portfolio website and software is time spent doing things that aren’t photography.

Five years back, Mr. Dryja co-founded Format, a Toronto-based company that offered web-based portfolios. Since then, the company has grown from two employees to 30, and has attracted tens of thousands of hosted customers (which is as precise as Mr. Dryja is willing to get).

Last week, the company launched Kredo, its entry into the tablet space. The software, in one sense, is as straightforward as its clients needs: It hosts portfolios, and tries to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.