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Get Your Photos Out There!: How To Promote Your Work Online And Through Social Media

What marketing features should a photographer look for when selecting an online portfolio service?

Lukas Dryja: First and foremost, a photographer should look for a website that works quickly on mobile. With more and more people consuming content on the go, there’s no excuse for slow load times and poor mobile design. Next, look for SEO tools that help make your content more discoverable. With Format, online portfolios are optimized so Google and other search engines can easily index your website. We’ve also just launched a new alt text editor, improving website accessibility and search engine indexing for imagery. To make it easier to share your latest work with the world, choose a service that links to your social media handles and allows you to share content directly from the application. Last but not least, look for a service that celebrates and promotes its community. You never know what kinds of new opportunities that exposure may bring.