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terms and conditions celebrates the uncensored female form

Newsflash — the nipple still hasn’t been freed. While men are at liberty to gallivant around shirtless on social media (preferably on a Brazilian beach), female-identified chests are still off limits. Terms & Conditions, a new project from portfolio website builder Format, attempts to address this weird imbalance. They’ve assembled a cast of photographers to discuss what this means, alongside their work. “When it’s hot, I often wish I could fling off my shirt and go topless without feeling awkward, or in many countries, a criminal,” says frequent i-D collaborator Harley Weir. “Gendered censorship reflects societal fears and the power dynamics that keep the female body sexualized, rather than understood,” says Mayan Toledano. And as Michael Bailey-Gates succinctly puts it, “It’s a way of shaming a person.” See a selection of their words and photographs on the subject below — you can see the full project here.