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What’s Included in the Report?

Brought to you by Zenfolio and Format

It’s here! Format and Zenfolio surveyed close to 3,400 photographers and image-makers from around the world, to understand their experiences and get their perspective on photography in 2022. This report gives you juicy insights into what’s happening in the photography industry and brings ideas that could help take your business to the next level or give you some direction if you’re wondering “what’s next?”.

The Photography Report Includes:

  • Demographics: Out of the 3,398 photographers surveyed, across 97 different countries, we found that 71% of respondents are full-time or part-time self-employed photographers, with the remainder made up of hobbyists, students, and full-time employees.

  • Sentiment: Compared to how photographers were feeling at the same time last year, there is a general sense of (cautious) optimism with 57% of respondents feeling like 2022 will be a stronger year than the last.

  • Types of Photography: Our survey results showed the top 3 photography specializations are:

  1. 1. portrait photography

  2. 2. landscape photography

  3. 3. wedding photography

Find out where the rest of the specializations landed, and see where photographers are focusing their efforts with regard to promotion, new business, and revenue.

  • Camera Gear: Canon and Nikon are still the heavy-hitters in the digital photography space, followed by Sony, and Fujifilm. Find out which cameras, and lenses, are most popular with peers from your photography specialty. Fan-favorite lenses like the 50mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm made appearances in the top 3, but find out what gear your fellow photographers are using.

  • Impact of COVID: It’s no secret that COVID has had a major impact on the entire industry. Find out how other segments of the photography industry fared, and check out what fresh ideas photographers brought to the table to keep their businesses viable during such a challenging time.

  • Revenue: Money talks! See who had slower-than-average years, and who got busier. We dive into the various tactics photographers are using and what generated the most income. Download the report to see what creative ideas turned a profit!

Despite the challenges, the photography industry has shown herself to be resilient, adapting to new trends and facing challenges head-on while continually showing up for themselves and their community.

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