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“Thyth and Chins is an interior design studio that provides services in interior design, scenography, and styling photos. They provide advice on decoration and interior design for offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and apartments. ”

Template: Peak


“ Led by Crystal Boymistruk and Krystel Sam, C|K is a design and highly conceptual Interior Design studio focused on Hospitality. C|K develops the look and feel of a space to create an experience for each brand, as well as helping clients to solve design dilemmas. ”

Template: Amazon

Jennifer Cob

“Costa Rican interior designer and scenographer, Jennifer Cob is always pushing the limits of space and pursuing new experiences. In 2014, Jennifer created the interior design firm Médula Diseño de Interiores, a studio in which she works and co-owns.”

Template: Foray


“Claudia Paredes Intriago has a degree in Interior Architecture from the ETSAM. She has also combined short studies at Central Saint Martins in London, Morroco and Associated Vitra Campus - Domaine de Boisbuchet. Following her return from living and working in Oceania in different roles within the world of interior design, she sprung into developing her own individual practice around furniture design, interior design, ephemeral architecture, and curatorial projects within functional art.”

Template: Fabric


“A design and interior architecture agency in Paris specializing in designing furniture and interiors. Antoine Mège founded his studio in 2016 with the aim of developing an interior architecture and design activity based on social and environmental values.”

Template: Mica

Estudio Anabella Valls

“An interior design studio based in Elche. Interior designer, Anabella studied interior Architecture at the European University of Madrid. ”

Template: Peak


“Jason Huang and Lydia Lee are interior designers based in Taiwan. With a passion for sharing and giving as much as they can in each project they undertake, the designers named their company “1001. Giving Living.””

Template: Grace

Meghan Evans

“Buttercup Home is a home staging and interior design firm with a flair for comfortable, beautiful, and livable spaces. The company’s mission is to create a home you love that reflects your style and how you live.”

Template: Sierra

Studio 715

“The STUDIO 715 was established in Milan, Italy in 2014. The two founders Zang Yunchen and Yu Xiaowei graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, majoring in interior design and product design, respectively. The studio unites a number of talented and cutting-edge designers from Italy to provide customers all over the world with design services such as architecture, space, furniture, and products.”

Template: Peak

David Marks

“Owner of ACTUAL Interior Design, David Marks has more than 25 years experience in residential and commercial interiors. With degrees in Architecture and Health Promotion, he creates well-designed spaces surrounded by the things you love for a healthy, fulfilling life.”

Template: Panorama

Updated on June 3, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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