The Best Interior Design Portfolio Examples of 2024

Putting your interior design work on the internet is scary, but with inspiration from these interior design portfolio examples, you’ll be ready in no time

February 8, 2022

You’ve been compiling your interior design work, honing your aesthetic, and building the skills that you need to launch a successful interior design career. The only problem is, you’re not feeling confident with the idea of launching an interior designer portfolio website. Whether it be not knowing how to showcase your portfolio, or just generally not feeling ready to launch a website that highlights your skills, gathering inspiration from others who have had success is always one of the first—and easiest—steps you can take when putting together a winning website. Never has building portfolios for interior designers been more seamless. Sit back, relax, and take in all of these impressive portfolio ideas. We’ve got a feeling in no time you’re going to be itching to get started on your own portfolio.

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Estudio Anabella Valls

Theme used: Peak

An interior design studio based in Elche. Interior designer, Anabella studied interior Architecture at the European University of Madrid.
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Émilie Guitton

Theme used: Stockholm

Emilie Guitton offers tailor-made support for your interior renovation and layout project. Whether it be kitchen, bathroom, or living room, all the spaces in your home are reinvented and enhanced with this designer’s expertise. Trained at the school of applied arts in Poitiers, in the interior architecture section, Guitton carried out her first renovations in Paris and worked there for 7 years.
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Theme used: Slate

Jason Huang and Lydia Lee are interior designers based in Taiwan. With a passion for sharing and giving as much as they can in each project they undertake, the designers named their company “1001. Giving Living.”
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Meghan Evans

Theme used: Triptych

Buttercup Home is a home staging and interior design firm with a flair for comfortable, beautiful, and livable spaces. The company’s mission is to create a home you love that reflects your style and how you live.
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Studio 715

Theme used: Kiln

The STUDIO 715 was established in Milan, Italy in 2014. The two founders Zang Yunchen and Yu Xiaowei graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, majoring in interior design and product design, respectively. The studio unites a number of talented and cutting-edge designers from Italy to provide customers all over the world with design services such as architecture, space, furniture, and products.
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David Marks

Theme used: Panorama

Owner of ACTUAL Interior Design, David Marks has more than 25 years experience in residential and commercial interiors. With degrees in Architecture and Health Promotion, he creates well-designed spaces surrounded by the things you love for a healthy, fulfilling life.
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Oded Alony

Theme used: Symmetry

Oded Alony is an interior architect and owner of a design studio that specializes in interior design, in a wide range of projects, in both the private and public sectors. His work is characterized by an affection for purity, the use of honest materials, and a strong sense of detail. The emphasis is on minimal-classic design and quiet, abstract spaces that remove all the unnecessary elements without compromising functionality and comfort.
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Theme used: Horizon Left

Adolfo Fonseca graduated with honors from the Internal Space Design program at Veritas University. His experience with interior architecture gives him the ability to create, transform, and reinvent spaces. Clients are easily able to detect this passion for design in all of his projects.
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