Creepy Hand-Drawn Punk Rock Collages by Andrea Lukic

Artist and musician Andrea Lukic has a thing for clowns.

andrea lukic portrait

Vancouver-based artist Andrea Lukic is on a new path. Since her punk band Nü Sensae went on permanent hiatus, she packed up and moved to Croatia where she people-watched, paid to work in the public library, and waded through boxes of old make-up sold on street corners.

The Serbian-born artist was used to the cold Eastern European atmosphere, and although she had sold most of her vinyl, rare books, vintage treasures, and clothes before leaving, she still returned to the West Coast after half a year.

Lukic has been drawing since high school, and refined her skills at Emily Carr University, where she struggled with the sometimes stifling nature of art education.

“They really emphasized that in order to be a good artist you needed to understand other art, but the umbrella was very limiting. There was maybe one rudimentary science class, no esoteric courses, no mention of magic at all,” Lukic remembers. “All in all, you should never try to learn art that doesn’t make sense to you.”

While in Nü Sensae, Lukic made collages for show posters, zines, and gallery shows as well as art videos featuring Geisha girls and clowns (one of her main muses).

“Clowns shed light on the frailty of humanity through folly—their own, and also the mocking and imitation of others,” she says. “They’re deep in the shadowy fringe of society. Clowns are already laughed at, so they’re not afraid of absurdity. Modern clowns and comedians expose a lot of hypocrisy, and are able to tread lightly on dark waters.”

In the last few years, Lukic has developed a trademark style. Often created with thick, colorful markers and jagged, active lines, her drawings pop off the page.

“When I went back to drawing a few years ago, I didn’t have time to look for images to collage, so I drew them,” Lukic says. “It’s all still taking form.”


Andrea Lukic’s portfolio

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