Weird: Burger King’s New Menu Inspired by Russian Performance Artist

The limited edition burgers to honor Petr Pavlensky, best known for nailing his scrotum to Moscow's Red Square.


Always at the forefront of culinary innovations, Burger King announced that it’s “bringing culture to the masses” with their newest limited edition menu that’s inspired by controversial Russian performance artist Petr Pavlensky.

It’s a strange, surreal and slightly impressive choice for a fast food chain to align itself with an artist—let alone one that’s known for extreme body mutilation and lighting federal buildings on fire. This isn’t your average corporate-arts sponsorship.

The four burgers, which are only available in St. Petersburg, each represent a particular performance by Pavlensky. They’re artistic interpretations that don’t sound altogether edible:

  1. Seam Burger: Pavlensky sewed his mouth shut and held a sign that read, “Pussy Riot’s performance was a reenactment of Jesus Christ’s famous performance” (2012). This burger will be partly sewn shut on one side.

  2. Carcass Burger: Outside of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Pavlensky lay naked wrapped in barbed wired and completely unresponsive (2013). This burger will be “sub-style” and wrapped in “edible barbed wire.”

  3. Threat Burger: Pavlensky set fire to the main entrance of the Federal Security Service (2015). This burger will be burnt on one side.

  4. Fixation Burger: Pavlensky nailed his scrotum to a cobblestone on Red Square and sat motionless looking at it. “It is a metaphor for the apathy and political indifference of Russian society,” the artist explained (2013). This burger comes with an egg nailed to a plate.

So far, no images of the burgers have been released but PR reps for Burger King have confirmed that it’s not a gag. “It’s no joke,” a spokesperson told Russian news site Meduza. “Pavlensky is a famous figure in Petersburg. We respect him.”


Image of Petr Pavlensky holding a fire extinguisher outside of his “Threat” performance via NBC/Header image via Michael Freeby’s portfolio

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