Ricardo Gonzalez: The ‘It’s a Living’ designer’s essentials

The Mexico-born designer is known for his signature lettering style—take a look at the tools he uses to achieve it.

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It’s A Living is more than my studio—it’s a creative lifestyle, identity and a philosophy.

  1. Macbook Pro 13″
  2. Wacom Intuos 4 M
  3. Copic travelling case
  4. Nike SB backpack
  5. (Markers) – Calligraffiti On the run, Montana 94 Gold, Krink K-71 Silver, Krink K-66 Gold, Krink K-60 Gold, Pilot Gold, UniPaint Gold, Sakura solid markers 8 colours, Copic Wide, Copic pens 1, 5, 3 & Brush., UniPaint black & White, Faber-Castell- big brush, Technical pencil, Tombow Brush pen blue – Pilot parallel pen
  6. Glasses
  7. Sunglasses Rayban Clubmaster
  8. Canon 60D body with Maru camo strap
  9. iPhone 4S
  10. Krew Necklace anchor
  11. Nixon Watch – Time teller (Gold)
  12. Moleskine sketchbook
  13. Opteka fish eye lens 6.5mm
  14. Canon 50 mm 1.8
  15. Moleskine journal
  16. Brixton wallet
  17. Apple headphones
  18. Rayban case

Who are you and what do you make?

My name is Ricardo Gonzalez. I am a graphic designer from Durango Mexico; I’ve been living in NY for over a year. My main focus is lettering, calligraphy and type. It’s A Living is more than my studio—it’s a creative lifestyle, identity and a philosophy. I love NY pizza, wine, skateboarding & rap.

What’s the most essential tool in your toolkit—what can you not create without?

My hands. Without them I would not be able to create.


How was your work/personal style influenced by your roots in skate culture?

Somehow I was influenced by Chad Muska’s street style of skating, and the way he spray painted his board or grip tape. That was so rad. I also really admire Jim Phillips, he produced some very iconic designs for Santa Cruz—the screaming hand, for example. To me that’s so inspiring.

You can only draw one letter for the rest of your life—which is it?

Mmmm… Q? I like ovals or circles; they’re so hard to draw.


Image originally submitted by artist to The Creators Toolkit.

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