9 Sculptors with Artist Websites that Stand Out

These installation and sculpture artists have gallery-worthy website designs.


Showcasing sculpture and installation work online presents some unique challenges to artists. Beyond just deciding which works to include on your website, you have to take photographs which accurately depict those pieces.

When you’re an artist who creates 3D works of any kind, doing justice to your art on a website can be tricky. Take inspiration from these ten artists focused on sculpture and installation. From large-scale, outdoor public works, to tiny and delicate sculptures, these creators all have well-designed and curated online artist portfolios that leave viewers wanting to see their works in person—always an important goal of any artist website.

Find some creative ideas for your own artist website in these nine designs, and discover even more portfolio inspiration via our exhaustive list of the best websites created using Format.


Angie Seykora

Nebraska-based artist Angie Seykora works with a range of materials, often found and recycled objects, to create captivating tactile art. Painting and printmaking are also part of her practice. Seykora uses a grid-based website layout to offer overviews of each aspect of her work in separate galleries.

Format Theme: Order


Valeria Yamamoto

Artist Valeria Yamamoto has Japanese-Argentinian roots, but currently works in Miami, Florida. Nature is a major inspiration of her often abstract, organic works. Yamamoto’s sculptures range from small-scale, delicate pieces to large public works made of cement. Dividing her online portfolio into separate sections for sculpture, installation, and public art ensures easy navigation.

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Jonathan Froud

British artist Jonathan Froud has exhibited at the Tate Modern and Serpentine London, as well as had a solo show at The Walker gallery in Liverpool. Froud’s online portfolio divides his works into separate Sculpture and Landscape galleries; both sides of his practice include some captivating outdoor pieces which are often inspired by natural forms.

Format Theme: Sierra


Timothy Hodkinson

Working in sculpture, installation, video, and photography, Timothy Hodkinson’s art spans a range of media and themes. Hodkinson’s inclusion of brief captions on each portfolio images helps give context to his work, and a multitude of images show each sculpture and installation from several angles, giving the viewer a detailed look at the artist’s work.

Format Theme: Grace


Paméla Simard

Currently completing her MFA in Sculpture and Dimensional Studies, Canadian artist Paméla Simard’s online portfolio showcases works created using materials such as wood, plaster, and silicone caulk. Including a CV and artist statement adds a professional feel to Simard’s website.

Format Theme: Ora


Pia Antonsen Rognes

This Norwegian artist creates captivating, organic-looking sculptures, pairing neon pink hues with earth tones for an unsettling contrast. The images on Rognes’ portfolio fill up the screen, making for an immersive viewing experience.

Format Theme: Sun


Matthew Burbidge

Artist Matthew Burbidge has shown work in many exhibitions in Germany and across Europe. His practice includes not only sculpture but painting, installation, and collage. Burbidge’s website offers an extensive archive of his work, with each image in the grid expanding to reveal a closer view.

Format Theme: Order


Petrina Ng

Based in Toronto, artist Petrina Ng works with a range of materials that have included books, dog hair, and beach balls. On her artist website, titles of different pieces by Ng make for an intriguing sidebar menu, with each project displayed in a separate gallery.

Format Theme: Ora


Soo Sunny Park

New Hampshire-based artist Soo Sunny Park creates mesmerizing, immersive installation art. She’s exhibited in many shows across the United States and beyond. Park uses a grid-based homepage to show off a range of her colorful works, with separate galleries for each project.

Format Theme: Order


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