How 20 Artists See the Color Red

We asked artists to interpret the color red for our monthly contest, Format Picks. These are some of the best images we found.


The first edition of Format Picks, our monthly contest series, asked artists to submit their art portfolio work inspired by the color red. This theme surfaced some bold, color-saturated images. Red appears in a neon cross on a church; a spray-painted police helmet left over from a protest; a Twin Peaks-inspired red room; a light leak across trees in the Black Forest; a snow-covered hut under mountains.

These are just a few of our favorite images from Format Picks February. We were overwhelmed by how many incredible entries we saw, and we can’t wait to see what you submit this month. Check back soon for March’s contest theme and prize. And don’t miss the work of Carson Gilliland, who won February’s Format Picks with a striking photo series.

More photo series that fit the theme:
Inside Tangjialing, A Chinese Village Demolished By Urbanization
Chasing Away the Cold at Slovenia’s Spring Carnival
Photographing the Diehard British Community on Spain’s Southern Coast

Juneau Wong

James Mason

Thomas Clark

Djeneba Aduayom

Lila Lee

Nick Prideaux

Sandra Ramos Casasampera

Jonathan Browning

Moira Ness

Shaheer Zazai

Todd Midler

Ramiro Valdez

Giulia Wörgartner

Tamara Leger

Eugenio Opitz

Niklas Porter

Francesca Killian

Chase Castor

Cover image by Ren Rox.

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