17 Fashion Stylists to Get Inspired By

These fashion stylists are bringing serious artistry to their shoots. Get to know their work.


No matter what kind of creative work you do, there’s nothing like a really well-curated collection of interesting imagery to get your artistic process going on those days when your brain just feels like it’s not fully awake and nothing can motivate you to start working—not even those three double espressos you unwisely drank on an empty stomach.

We’re here for those moments when you’re just not feeling up to getting anything done. Format Magazine is host to a treasure trove of so, so many lists of artists that will get you in the mood to create again.

Our latest curated list focuses on the creative fashion stylists who are making us feel both seriously inspired and also like our wardrobe is in desperate need of a high fashion overhaul. You don’t need to be in fashion yourself to appreciate this artistry—but if you are a fashion photographer, model, or any other fashion-focused professional, this list is especially guaranteed to give you an idea boost.

Cover image: styling by Sean Knight for Wonderland Magazine. Mette Towley photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.

Eva Sanchez Inche

This London-based freelance fashion stylist shows her work in a minimal grid layout. A pared-down choice of just a few galleries gives her portfolio an editorial feel. Hover over each image and you’ll see a bold red and blue overlay announcing the name of each shoot. This color choice provides an interest contrast to the natural tones of Inche’s homepage.

Format Theme: Sierra

Sean Knight

Originally from Chicago, stylist and creative director Sean Knight now lives and works in Los Angeles. Knight’s resume includes an impressive array of clients like Adidas, Asos, and Sephora, and he’s done editorial work for some of the most major fashion magazines out there. There’s something about the colors in Knight’s work that makes it hard to stop staring at his portfolio. Those poppy reds, the soft yellows, the earth tones—we just can’t get over this work.

Format Theme: Peak

Skye Kelton

Fashion stylist Skye Kelton aims to balance classic and contemporary in her work, which has included styling for clients like Adidas, Puma, and L’Oréal, as well as music labels Universal and Warner Music. Her online portfolio is polished and professional, just like her work, and it’s neatly divided into categories based on type of styling.

Format Theme: Horizon

SK Tang

If you aren’t already following SK Tang on Instagram, you probably should be. The Hong Kong-based stylist broke into the industry just a few years ago thanks to his fashion photography connects on social media. Now Tang has worked with publications like Hypbeast and Coeval, and frequently styles runway and lookbook shoots.

Format Theme: Horizon

Shino Itoi

This stylist and editor’s portfolio showcases a wide selection of work on a grid-based homepage, allowing for easy and colorful scrolling through Shino Itoi’s projects. This site is so simple, and yet so pleasing. We also have to thank Itoi for introducing us to commons&sense magazine—currently are totally trying to track down a print copy of this amazing Japanese fashion publication.

Format Theme: Sierra

Jessica Bobince

Opening with an elegant black and white shoot, Jessica Bobince’s website instantly signals that this stylist is working on a higher level. There’s more, though—scroll for a cowgirl-but-make-it-fashion series, serious neon 80s glam, and so much more incredible work we can’t list it all here. The New York-based Bobince has worked with clients like H&M, Vince Camuto, and French Connection, and has contributed editorial styling to a magazines like Vanity Fair, Glamour, Interview, and many others.

Format Theme: Sierra

Jimi Urquiaga

Fashion stylist and creative director Jimi Urquiaga began his career in Los Angeles before relocating to New York. The Cuban-American Urquiaga has worked with photographers including Petra Collins and Alexander Saladrigas, styling the likes of Yara Shahidi and Usher. Urquiaga’s bold logo and choice of very small type give a design-forward feel to his site, which matches the professionalism of his work.

Format Theme: Ora

Sarah Toshiko West

Stylist Sarah Toshiko West brings personality to her website with a playful and memorable URL; hellotoshiko is also her Instagram handle, which gives a feeling of cohesion to her online presence. We love this playfully staged shoot at the top of her site, but scroll down for some more seriously gorgeous images featuring pearls, seaweed, bubble-blowing, and what might be an actual live crab.

Format Theme: Amazon

Holly Suan Gray

Originally from the UK, Holly Suan Gray has worked across London, New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and brings a international feel to her styling. Gray has been nominated as one of fashion’s 250 people to watch by I-D magazine, and counts editorial styling for publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and L’Officiel in her professional experience.

Format Theme: Sierra

Mirey Enerova

Fashion stylist and consultant Mirey Enerova is based in Paris. Enerova has worked with a range of creative publications including Bullett, Fucking Young!, Cake Magazine, Teeth Magazine, and others. Enerova displays a selection of her styling work in a carefully curated side-scrolling portfolio. Mens’ styling is the highlight here, with perfectly oversized fits and just the right number of too-many layers.

Format Theme: Panorama

Rachael Rodgers

Fashion stylist and editor Rachael Rodgers brings a sexy and otherworldly aesthetic to her work. Based in Berlin, Rodgers has worked with I-D, Interview Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Highsnobiety, and clients like Alexander Wang, Converse, and Adidas. The Sleek shoot pictured here is a favorite of ours. Photographed by Soren Drastrup, these looks look could almost have been ripped out of a 1980s German magazine, but there’s a subtle modern edge to the styling that brings the models into the 21st century.

Format Theme: Amazon

Michelle Carroll

In addition to her work as a fashion stylist, Michelle Carroll is an editor at So It Goes magazine. Carroll has worked with clients including Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her casual, playful purple logo gives a personalized touch to her styling portfolio.

Format Theme: Amazon

Lily Bling

London-based fashion stylist Lily Bling recently completed an MA at Central Saint Martins. His styling portfolio shows off a decidedly decadent approach to styling, with old school British glamor remixed into a modern aesthetic that’s equal parts punk and street fashion: think animal prints and Union Jacks, Burberry and tracksuits, hi-vis and sequins.

Format Theme: Horizon

Rebecka Noejdh

Rebecka Noedjh first got started in fashion working as a model from a young age. Now she’s a freelance stylist, citing her Scandinavian background as the influence for her clean and minimal looks. We particularly like this shoot for Pansy Magazine, where Noedjh has somehow made a muscle tank and tiara into a perfectly chic pairing.

Format Theme: Peak

Caitlin Moriarty

A pale pink background lends character to London stylist Caitlin Moriarty’s online portfolio. The Meander theme lets Moriarty show off highlights from a range of selected shoots in a long vertical scroll which allows you to discover new images in a fun, collaged kind of way.

Format Theme: Meander

Chris Benns

Chris Benns got his start in fashion assisting Dior’s artistic director Kim Jones. Now the established stylist and creative director works throughout Europe with publications like GQ and Esquire. Benns is based between London, Stockholm, and New York.

Format Theme: Obsidian

Chris Lorimer

Based in Sydney, Chris Lorimer is a stylist, writer, and creative consultant. He’s currently an editor at New Zealand’s Black Magazine. Lorimer’s portfolio introduces you to his work with a selection of images that are all captivating patterns and lush fabrics, giving his site a luxurious feel.

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