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Roxana Azar’s Distorted Trees and Flowers

Artist Roxana Azar refracts and alters the natural landscapes around her into unsettling, rainbow-toned images.

Visual artist Roxana Azar’s landscapes feel like they’ve been cut up and rearranged, kaleidoscope-style, refracted through subtle prisms. Rainbows hover across grass, flowers bloom out of shadowy vignettes, and tree branches are saturated with shades of purple and blue.

Azar digitally manipulates photographs she’s taken to create the rich textures that make her work feel so unreal. Memory and time are important themes for Azar, as she depicts spaces that hold personal significance for her. “I focus on gardens from my childhood and those I have newly explored,” she told Sight Unseen. “I am really interested in using the photograph as a starting point to layer, erase, rebuild, and obscure an image, turning the image into something ambiguous yet playful.”

The mood of Azar’s images often wavers between foreboding and fun, with unexpected angles and layers creating a sense of disorientation. When there is a clear subject in one of her images, it jumps out with sudden clarity. Budding flowers take on the absurd significance of a familiar face in a dream.

See more of Roxana Azar’s artwork at her online portfolio, built using Format.

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