7 UX Designer Portfolios That'll Impress Any Client

Take inspiration for your website from these well-made, no-nonsense UI/UX design portfolios.

Even professional designers need to look to other creatives for inspiration now and then. In fact, what tends to set the most successful creators apart from the rest is a drive to stay on top of current design trends and to draw inspiration from what others in the industry are doing. And in those moments when you’re just feeling a creative block, taking a look at someone else’s work can be a great way get motivated again.

These UI and UX designer portfolios are guaranteed to give any designer or design-minded artist some ideas. Creating an online UX portfolio website for design work of any kind can be a challenging task, but UI/UX designers especially know that their website needs to showcase their design expertise in every detail, from the homepage to the menu.

From talented freelance designers and user researchers to a Facebook product designer, all of these designers work with UI and/or UX design, and all their websites have one important thing in common. These portfolios go beyond just sharing recent work highlights to really work as online resumes, offering a personal look at each designer as well as detailed explanations of their career experience.

If you’re looking for examples of how you can leverage your personal website to expand your work opportunities, these UI/UX designer portfolios are sure to generate some ideas. Be sure to check out our ultimate list of well-made websites for even more portfolio inspiration from the Format community.

Lucas Simons

Freelance UI/UX designer Lucas Simons is based in The Hague, Netherlands, and has worked on design for big name clients like Heineken, Nestle, and Samsung. Simons keeps his site super simple and clean, with a bright yellow background and a focus on text. His “Services” page uses neat icons to introduce his skill set, lending a professional feel to his portfolio.

Format Theme: Sierra

Jasmine Liu

UX/UI designer Jasmine Liu uses the homepage of her website to showcase a range of her projects she’s worked on in a colorful grid layout. Each example can be clicked through to reveal a more in-depth case study. Liu’s design portfolio also includes a References page featuring praise for her work from past colleagues.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

Ashley Willard

UI and UX design is just one aspect of Ashley Willard’s design skill set. The Durham, North Carolina-based creative worked on editorial design and production for magazines and newspapers before moving her focus to digital design. She currently works for CenterEdge Software, designing software and web-based apps for amusement parks and family entertainment centers. Willard’s website is polished and professional, with a large header bar adding some structure to each page.

Format Theme: Order

Marianne Giesemann

Currently a product designer at Facebook, where she is part of the Newsfeed team, Marianne Giesemann also has extensive experience designing at Microsoft. Giesemann’s design portfolio focuses on just a few examples of her work, keeping her website easy to browse through. Using her intro page as a homepage allows the visitor to instantly learn everything they need to know about Giesemann’s work.

Format Theme: Sierra

Shing L

Singapore-based designer Shing L has her design portfolio divided into sections based on her various talents, from photography to illustration to album art for bands. UX and UI design is also a focus of hers. She uses her UI/UX gallery to showcase a selection of projects, with each one leading to a more detailed gallery offering viewers a project case study. Her playful lightbulb logo adds personality to her website.

Format Theme: Order

Megan Kard

Bay Area product designer Megan Kard uses her website as an online CV, listing a selection of recent projects and detailing her role in each one. A well-organized menu makes it easy to browse through Kard’s experience, and her thoughtful bio offers a look into her hobbies as well as her career, which is focused on user research and user experience design as well as UI design.

Format Theme: Albers

Benjamin Gage

Designer Benjamin Gage uses his online portfolio to showcase several UX design projects, walking viewers through each one. This includes a redesign of NBCUniversal’s employee intranet, as well as extensive design work for Lightwell, a creative app building tool. Gage keeps his website simple with a vertical scroll that allows for easy reading.

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