Illustrated Twin Peaks Tarot Cards by Benjamin Mackey

Illustrator Benjamin Mackey recreates David Lynch's popular TV show in the form of traditional tarot cards.

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Benjamin Mackey is a painter, illustrator and digital artist currently residing in Arizona. Heavily influenced by subjects such as Catholic mythology and the Italian Renaissance/Baroque periods, Mackey reworks these materials, updating them for the contemporary world. Equally skilled with pencil or brush, Mackey’s portfolio is a testament to his skills, as is his BFA in Painting which he received from the University of Iowa.

Mackey’s digitally rendered work more readily tackles pop culture; in his portfolio, you can find Hellboy, Robocop, and clear favorite of Mackey’s, David Lynch. His series Twin Peaks Tarot takes characters from Lynch’s iconic TV show and transforms them into the figures of a traditional tarot deck. The series perfectly taps into what made the show such a favorite in the first place, marrying humor with darker subject matter.



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