Rosehound Apparel’s Megan Campagnolo Illustrates Rose-Hued Romance

A new illustration series by Megan Campagnolo, the independent designer of Rosehound Apparel.

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Step into the dreamy world of summer love with this brand new illustration series by Rosehound Apparel founder Megan Campagnolo. Anyone familiar with her pins, patches and clothing will recognize the signature vintage rosey hue inspired by films like Buffalo 66, Heathers, The Big Lebowski and Thelma & Louise. It’s an aesthetic that’s also caught the eye of publications like Nylon, who listed her brand in their “10 coolest feminist shops on the internet”, and celebrities like Lena Dunham.

This collection of digital drawings is titled “First ‘Real’ Date” and captures that floaty feeling of a date gone well. “It’s a timeless romance inspired by classic teenage emotions in a setting inspired by motorcycles, ice cream, picnics, and sunsets, ” says Campagnolo.

The flat backgrounds give each scene a cartoon-ish atmosphere—like a storyboard for a film that you want to watch over and over again. Because of the realistic narrative being played out (ordinary activities getting ice cream and cracking open a beer), it’s easy to imagine that you could climb into the pictures and live out a Rosehound Apparel fantasy life.

Follow Rosehound Apparel on Instagram @rosehoundapparel.

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