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Tallulah Fontaine’s Dream World Illustrations

Step inside a dreamy, pastel-coloured world with these illustrations by Tallulah Fontaine.

Tallulah Fontaine is working in a pastel dream world inhabited by pink-hued plants and girls with perfect hair. When Fontaine’s not making comics, this Toronto-based illustrator is busy designing zines, book covers, t-shirt graphics, pins and jewelry based off her drawings, and artwork for the likes of Purity Ring.

Fontaine’s strong sense of narrative gives weight to her wistful illustrations: every image feels like it has a story hiding behind it, even if it’s just a drawing of a girl chatting on the phone. Her consistent use of rose pink, pale green, and shades of teal create a sense of unity throughout her work.

Take a peek at some of our favourite illustrations by Tallulah Fontaine below. Find more of her work at her illustration portfolio, built using Format.

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