Cornucopias for Artists

Illustrator Gio Castro serves up cornucopias of energy drinks, takeout food and cheap beer.


The classic Thanksgiving cornucopia is filled with corn and squash with a smattering of fruit. It’s the horn of plenty, the centerpiece for harvest season. But let’s get real—your “harvest” usually comes from the local convenience store. An artist’s feast is full of energy drinks to hit those deadlines, instant ramen when you’re waiting to get paid for your latest gig and anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated for studio snacks.

We asked illustrator Gio Castro to draw her version of cornucopias for artists and she served up feasts that will hit close to home. From the “7/11 is My Grocery Store” cornucopia of frozen taquitos to the “Got That Freelance Check” baller pack of fancy beverages, these depictions of artist life are way too real.

Keep your eyes peeled for Castro’s sneaky product jokes that are peppered throughout. Cup of noodles? More like “Cup of Sodium.” The classic Coffee-mate gets a Latin twist with “Coffee-Amigo.” And if there was such a thing as “50hr Energy,” it would be in your Amazon order.

Gio Castro’s portfolio

Studio Staples Cornucopia

7/11 is My Grocery Store Cornucopia

Working Late on a Deadline Cornucopia

Waiting on That Freelance Check Cornucopia

Got That Freelance Check Cornucopia

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