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Aaron Wynia: Candid collages and simple still lifes

Aaron Wynia is a photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada. Wynia’s signature style has landed him spots with VICE, Stussy, Hudson’s Bay Company, Dazed and Confused, and The Fader.

For his Radar feature with Format Magazine, Wynia shared a series of collages composed using photos from his personal collection. Viewers can see the range within Wynia’s work; from his portrait work, which balances a more minimalist, documentary feel with subtle stylized elements, to found objects and traditional still life photography. Wynia uses collage to draw out the more latent aesthetic elements of his photographs, with each image in a dialogue to unfold new layers and meanings. These are far from the collages of our 90’s teen scrapbooks, but still they capture that spirit of experimentation and personal expression.

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