Bangkok Photographer Captures Plant Life Taking Over

Akkara Naktamna's photography series "Signs" shows nature fighting against urban growth.


Giving new meaning to the term “urban jungle,” Bangkok photographer Akkara Naktamna captures wildly overgrown lamp posts and street signs in his series Signs.

Dragging down telephone wires and taking over fences, these leafy growths are often so bushy that they start to resemble tree-like, prehistoric monsters, with giant branches for limbs. Often, the post around which the plant has grown is totally hidden under leaves. Despite the aggressive nature of these vines and trees, the bright green feels like a welcome contrast to the grey concrete and plain walls that provide the backdrop for most of the images. Naktamna’s Signs is an eerie and funny documentation of what happens when nature tries to fight back against a city.

See the series below, and find more of Akkara Naktamna’s photography at his portfolio.

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