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20 Mesmerizing Portrait Photography Websites

These photographers are experts at displaying their composed and candid portraits.

Every photographer knows that taking great photos can feel like only half the battle—figuring out a great way to display your work is equally important.

Especially if you specialize in shooting weddings, events, or portraits, your online portfolio is where you show off past projects and attract new clients.

The best portrait photography portfolios are usually simple, utilizing lots of white space, leaving the focus on the work and the faces of the people in it. These outstanding portfolios also tend to display a well-balanced combination of composed and candid images, demonstrating the photographer’s versatility.

Scroll down to get inspired by twenty of our favorite portrait photography portfolios.

1. Sabine Ruth Fletcher

Texas-based fashion photographer Sabine Ruth Fletcher’s portraits are simple yet vibrantly colorful. Her minimal theme matches this aesthetic, with a modern font and neat layout complementing the style of her photographs.

Format Theme: Panorama

2. Daniel Cavanaugh

NY photographer Daniel Cavanaugh’s portraits are raw, personal, and color-saturated. He fills up the entire screen of his online portfolio with his work, creating a high-impact horizontal scroll that forces you to take a closer look.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

3. Linda Sundblom

This Swedish photographer uses a grid theme, mixing and matching black and white and color portraits for a portfolio that’s attention-grabbing and varied. Combining studio shots with more natural compositions shows how diverse her portrait photos can be.

Format Theme: Peak

4. Tomas Smith

It’s easy to get lost browsing through Tomas Smith’s photos. The French photographer’s work is intimate, lush, and there’s loads of it to look through. Because different projects are arranged neatly, the volume of images isn’t overwhelming, though, and the way they fill the page in a horizontal scroll helps add to the immersive effect.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

5. Justin Aranha

Canadian photographer Justin Aranha uses a vertically-scrolling theme to showcase his unique, creative portraits (this one was made by coloring photo paper with pencil crayon). A handwritten logo offers a memorable means of displaying his name.

Format Theme: Ora

6. Wardie Hellendoorn

“I love photographs in which people are unaware of being photographed,” says Amsterdam-based Wardie Hellendoorn. Hellendoorn created an unconventional collage layout by layering images over each other, creating a fun and unusual main page.

Format Theme: Sierra

7. Sofia Hernandez

San Fran-based Sofia Hernandez creates stunning, high-color portrait images. Pairing thematically similar shots across her horizontal feed ensures a sense of continuity, as does her high-color, on-brand logo. (Wondering how to create your own memorable logo? We’ve got you covered.)

Format Theme: Horizon

8. Damaris Riedinger

This German photographer makes sure that visitors will click through to her website by featuring a stunning portrait on her landing page. Once you enter the portfolio, a grid display offers a neat preview of further images.

Format Theme: Amazon

9. Sophie Lake

English fashion photographer Sophie Lake keeps things classic with a bold, stylish logo and timeless serif font which contrasts well with her fun, contemporary editorial portrait shoots.

Format Theme: Horizon

10. Kyle Dorosz

Brooklyn-based Kyle Dorosz lets viewers spend time with each of his portfolio images by featuring them one at a time in a click-through gallery surrounded by plenty of white space.

Format Theme: Offset

11. Ellius Grace

This Irish photographer shoots much more than portraits, so creating a “Quick Portfolio” homepage lets you get an easy feel for their diverse, funky style before browsing through all of their collected work.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

12. Matilda Hill Jenkins

Matilda Hill Jenkins uses a horizontally-scrolling theme to show off her fresh, colorful portraits. Creating separate pages for personal and commissioned work allows this London photographer to effectively display her published shoots as well as more intimate portraits.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

13. Sam Hazel

Sam Hazel’s portfolio website instantly lets visitors know what kind of work she does. The English photographer specializes in documentary-style portraits of children and families, so she selected one striking shot of a young child for her homepage. Links to a gallery and client testimonials offer easily accessible further info about Hazel’s portrait photography.

Format Theme: Peak

14. Richard Dowker

English photographer Richard Dowker arranges his portraits by subject name, so that visitors to his site get an in-depth look at each person he’s photographed (shown: a session with Sydney). His portraits are personal and carefully composed.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

15. Diamond Dixon

Based in the USA, Diamond Dixon specializes in concert photography as well as portraits. She has a knack for capturing emotions, and her vertically-scrolling theme lets viewers take a close look at her intimate portraits. Her use of an abstract gif as a portfolio logo is a memorable choice.

Format Theme: Ora

16. Stephan Pramme

This no-nonsense German photographer makes his portrait portfolio stand out by including a brief description of each photo subject. Depicting a variety of professionals, from actors to activists to trade union leaders, Stephan Pramme’s portraits are polished and crisp.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

17. Mia Wodstrup

Danish photographer Mia Wodstrup keeps her portfolio simple by only including a few images in each category (“People,” “Products,” “Studio”). Selecting only the best images lets her work shine and keeps the viewer interested.

Format Theme: Panorama

18. Madeleine Bolle

Netherlands-based Madeleine Bolle documents family and friends with warm, light-filled images that highlight the personality of her subjects. Her photo projects are simply divided into “Stories,” with minimal explanations, allowing her photography to speak for itself.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

19. Madz Rehorek

Globe-trotting photographer Madz Rehorek is based out France, Australia, and the United States in this year alone. Her sharply detailed portraits are arranged in a grid that makes great use of both color and white space.

Format Theme: Sierra

20. Klaudia Nieboj

Klaudia Nieboj is a Poland-based photographer specializing in elegant portraits and fashion shoots. Her sidebar menu lets you easily browse through all of her different work, from editorial projects to coverage of glam parties and weddings.

Format Theme: Peak

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