Portrait Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Are you an aspiring portrait photographer looking for a portfolio website? Have a peek at some of the best portrait photography portfolio examples here along with tips and tricks on how to build one.

June 18, 2021
desktop browser window frameDaniel Hébert
phone window frameDaniel Hébert
Preview Site

Daniel Hébert

Theme used: Amazon About Daniel Hébert
desktop browser window frameElisa Moulan
phone window frameElisa Moulan
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Elisa Moulan

Theme used: Obsidian About Elisa Moulan
desktop browser window frameSheona Beach
phone window frameSheona Beach
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Sheona Beach

Theme used: Horizon About Sheona Beach
desktop browser window frameSapna Khan
phone window frameSapna Khan
Preview Site

Sapna Khan

Theme used: Frame About Sapna Khan
desktop browser window frameRodney Johnson
phone window frameRodney Johnson
Preview Site

Rodney Johnson

Theme used: Gloss About Rodney Johnson
desktop browser window frameEileen Perrier
phone window frameEileen Perrier
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Eileen Perrier

Theme used: Post About Eileen Perrier

Self Portrait Ideas: Study and Recreate Other Self-Portraits

A great way to improve your self portraits, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, is to study other self portraits and practice recreating them. This will not only give you insight into facial expressions and how to pose, but it will also give you ideas for how to light your shot and how you can get creative with your self portrait edits in Photoshop. Looking through the portrait portfolios of photographers that inspire you is a great place to start. 

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desktop browser window frameNikita Artinian
phone window frameNikita Artinian
Preview Site

Nikita Artinian

Theme used: Amazon About Nikita Artinian
desktop browser window frameannajopp
phone window frameannajopp
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Theme used: Coral About annajopp
desktop browser window frameTodd Collins
phone window frameTodd Collins
Preview Site

Todd Collins

Theme used: Gloss About Todd Collins
desktop browser window frameHenri Verhoef
phone window frameHenri Verhoef
Preview Site

Henri Verhoef

Theme used: Chroma About Henri Verhoef
desktop browser window framePawel Przytocki
phone window framePawel Przytocki
Preview Site

Pawel Przytocki

Theme used: Meander About Pawel Przytocki

Family Portrait Ideas: Make them feel relaxed

One of the challenges of family portraits is getting everyone to look at ease at the same time. If one group member looks uncomfortable or awkward, it can ruin an otherwise good photo. A great way to help your subjects feel relaxed is to shoot in a setting that is familiar to them. In the case of family portrait photography, shooting at their home, or at a local location such as a park that they all enjoy, can help you capture images they’ll all be sure to love.  

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desktop browser window frameKhalid Amakran
phone window frameKhalid Amakran
Preview Site

Khalid Amakran

Theme used: Meander About Khalid Amakran
desktop browser window frameArchie Wells
phone window frameArchie Wells
Preview Site

Archie Wells

Theme used: Meander About Archie Wells
desktop browser window frameAustin Michael
phone window frameAustin Michael
Preview Site

Austin Michael

Theme used: Offset About Austin Michael
desktop browser window frameFeda Eid
phone window frameFeda Eid
Preview Site

Feda Eid

Theme used: Mica About Feda Eid
desktop browser window frameQuentin Wu
phone window frameQuentin Wu
Preview Site

Quentin Wu

Theme used: Horizon Left About Quentin Wu

Portrait Photography Ideas: Nail your lighting setup

Acing your lighting setup is key to taking great portraits. A studio portrait photography tip you can start using right away is to avoid using on-camera flash. Illuminating your subject with a bright light directly from the front can really flatten their features, and remove any interesting dimensions you could otherwise capture. Instead, use an off-camera flash setup and light them from angle. You can play around with the position for the most flattering shot. 

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desktop browser window frameKaris Beaumont
phone window frameKaris Beaumont
Preview Site

Karis Beaumont

Theme used: Foreground About Karis Beaumont
desktop browser window frameXavi Garcia
phone window frameXavi Garcia
Preview Site

Xavi Garcia

Theme used: Kiln About Xavi Garcia
desktop browser window frameJillian Abir MacMaster
phone window frameJillian Abir MacMaster
Preview Site

Jillian Abir MacMaster

Theme used: Horizon Left About Jillian Abir MacMaster
desktop browser window frameAndreas Bleckmann
phone window frameAndreas Bleckmann
Preview Site

Andreas Bleckmann

Theme used: Horizon Left About Andreas Bleckmann
desktop browser window frameCaitlin Chescoe
phone window frameCaitlin Chescoe
Preview Site

Caitlin Chescoe

Theme used: Illuminate About Caitlin Chescoe
desktop browser window frameMolly Baber
phone window frameMolly Baber
Preview Site

Molly Baber

Theme used: Panorama About Molly Baber

Portrait Background Ideas: Get creative and DIY

You don’t need a breathtaking location or expensive studio to start taking portfolio-worthy portraits. Getting creative with your portrait background is a great way to make your images stand out. You can take a DIY approach with materials you may already have, like bedsheets and fabric. You can also buy backdrops online in just about any color or print you can think of. These typically come in reusable rolls, so you can repurpose them for future shoots.

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desktop browser window frameFrancis Opoku
phone window frameFrancis Opoku
Preview Site

Francis Opoku

Theme used: Gloss About Francis Opoku
desktop browser window frameMasha Kushnir
phone window frameMasha Kushnir
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Masha Kushnir

Theme used: Clarity About Masha Kushnir
desktop browser window frameMarianne Olaleye
phone window frameMarianne Olaleye
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Marianne Olaleye

Theme used: Obsidian About Marianne Olaleye
desktop browser window frameStevenson Michel
phone window frameStevenson Michel
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Stevenson Michel

Theme used: Amazon About Stevenson Michel
desktop browser window frameNabrayah Jones
phone window frameNabrayah Jones
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Nabrayah Jones

Theme used: Detail About Nabrayah Jones
desktop browser window frameJason Dimmock
phone window frameJason Dimmock
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Jason Dimmock

Theme used: Panorama About Jason Dimmock

Self Portrait Ideas At Home With Your Phone: Make use of portrait mode

Camera phones have reached new levels of quality in recent years with built-in features that recreate the look of higher-quality DSLR cameras. Check if your phone has a portrait mode that enables you to blur the background of your portraits if you want them to look like they were shot on an expensive camera. If you’re using a phone tripod, place it slightly below your eye level for a flattering portrait.

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desktop browser window frameAllie Crewe
phone window frameAllie Crewe
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Allie Crewe

Theme used: Peak About Allie Crewe
desktop browser window frameGerald Larocque
phone window frameGerald Larocque
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Gerald Larocque

Theme used: Halogen About Gerald Larocque
desktop browser window frameVicky Grout
phone window frameVicky Grout
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Vicky Grout

Theme used: Meander About Vicky Grout
desktop browser window frameLogan Delaney
phone window frameLogan Delaney
Preview Site

Logan Delaney

Theme used: Horizon Left About Logan Delaney
desktop browser window frameGabriela Kaziuk
phone window frameGabriela Kaziuk
Preview Site

Gabriela Kaziuk

Theme used: Amazon About Gabriela Kaziuk
desktop browser window frameIdara Ekpoh
phone window frameIdara Ekpoh
Preview Site

Idara Ekpoh

Theme used: Horizon Left About Idara Ekpoh

Portrait Photoshop Ideas: Enhance lighting of your portrait

A simple way to enhance facial features in Photoshop when editing a portrait is to use the Replace Color feature. First, click on Image > Adjustments > Replace Color. Next, select the face or other areas where the skin is visible. Now you can adjust the lightness slider slightly so it only changes that area of the portrait. This tiny tweak can enhance the lighting of your portrait. 

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desktop browser window frameDan Robinson
phone window frameDan Robinson
Preview Site

Dan Robinson

Theme used: Exposure About Dan Robinson
desktop browser window frameDamola Akintunde
phone window frameDamola Akintunde
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Damola Akintunde

Theme used: Horizon Left About Damola Akintunde
desktop browser window frameJuliana Tan
phone window frameJuliana Tan
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Juliana Tan

Theme used: Kiln About Juliana Tan
desktop browser window frameLAFFITTE
phone window frameLAFFITTE
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Theme used: Horizon About LAFFITTE
desktop browser window frameLouis Browne
phone window frameLouis Browne
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Louis Browne

Theme used: Panorama About Louis Browne
desktop browser window framesarah huny young
phone window framesarah huny young
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sarah huny young

Theme used: Amazon About sarah huny young

Baby Portrait Ideas: Schedule them during nap or meal times

The key to a successful baby portrait session is a happy baby. While there’s no way to guarantee that they won’t be fussy with absolute certainty, you can stack the odds in your favor by scheduling the shoot around their nap and meal times. Right after a meal could be a great time to shoot. Coordinate with the parents so that you don’t have to waste too much time waiting for the baby to be comfortable and happy. 

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desktop browser window frameQardash
phone window frameQardash
Preview Site


Theme used: Reel About Qardash
desktop browser window frameRyan O'Hare
phone window frameRyan O'Hare
Preview Site

Ryan O'Hare

Theme used: Peak About Ryan O'Hare
desktop browser window frameEvan McGinnis
phone window frameEvan McGinnis
Preview Site

Evan McGinnis

Theme used: Peak About Evan McGinnis
desktop browser window frameAfonso Molinar
phone window frameAfonso Molinar
Preview Site

Afonso Molinar

Theme used: Horizon Left About Afonso Molinar
desktop browser window frameRoselinn Storhaug
phone window frameRoselinn Storhaug
Preview Site

Roselinn Storhaug

Theme used: Horizon About Roselinn Storhaug

Portrait Clothing Ideas: Suggest solid or muted colors

Your subjects may want to show off their favorite outfits at your next portrait session, but the best portrait clothing is typically more subdued. Solid colors are typically a better choice than patterns, which can be distracting. Muted colors also ensure the clothing doesn’t draw attention away from the subject. Finally, suggest that your subject wear similar tones on the top and the bottom since this will help them look proportional in the final shot.

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desktop browser window framePancho Monti
phone window framePancho Monti
Preview Site

Pancho Monti

Theme used: Panorama About Pancho Monti
desktop browser window frameWilliam Soci
phone window frameWilliam Soci
Preview Site

William Soci

Theme used: Collage About William Soci
desktop browser window frameChris Sorensen
phone window frameChris Sorensen
Preview Site

Chris Sorensen

Theme used: Sierra About Chris Sorensen
desktop browser window frameTomas Smith
phone window frameTomas Smith
Preview Site

Tomas Smith

Theme used: Horizon Left About Tomas Smith
desktop browser window frameTom Parsons
phone window frameTom Parsons
Preview Site

Tom Parsons

Theme used: Fabric About Tom Parsons

Night Portrait Ideas: Bring lights to illuminate your subject

Night portraits can be memorable, but capturing a great one is a bit different than doing so during the day. Your camera may have a harder time focusing properly in low light conditions, so a great tip to keep in mind at your next night portrait session is to bring a flashlight along and flash it on your subject's face until your camera finds the focus. You can turn it off for the shot and be confident their features will be the focus of your image.

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