Portrait Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Are you an aspiring portrait photographer looking for a portfolio website? Have a peek at some of the best portrait photography portfolio examples here along with tips and tricks on how to build one.

June 18, 2021
desktop browser window frameFranklin Yeep desktop
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Franklin Yeep

Theme used: Sharp
About Franklin Yeep

Franklin Yeep is a black & white film portrait photographer based in NYC. Yeep shoot all things analog, which gives them a one-of-a-kind experience to the subject and the viewer. They believe the slow process allows the sitter to "breathe," enabling them to capture their portraiture in an honest, and transparent way. Everything is hand-processed by Yeep from start to finish without involving any photo labs, which allows them to have complete control over the creative process.

desktop browser window frameLuc Coiffait desktop
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Luc Coiffait

Theme used: Amazon
About Luc Coiffait

From Newcastle in Northern England, Luc’s background was in football. Having narrowly missed out on becoming professional, Luc pursued his passion for photography. His work is instantly recognisable through capturing both talent and models in a striking yet natural way. Luc has collaborated with the likes of Robbie Spencer, Haider Ackermann, Dua Lipa, Willem Dafoe, Ben Schofield and Harry Lambert. Clients: Vogue, Gucci, Burberry, i-D, GQ, Kinfolk, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein

desktop browser window frameMatthew Sutton desktop
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Matthew Sutton

Theme used: Offset
About Matthew Sutton

Matthew Sutton is a local Australian based portrait and documentary analogue film photographer whose work focuses on people and their lives.

desktop browser window frameOghalé Alex desktop
phone window frameOghalé Alex mobile
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Oghalé Alex

Theme used: Editorial
About Oghalé Alex

Oghalé's work focuses on changing the negative narratives surrounding black men and women by capturing them in different dignified ways, expressing feelings and emotions through fashion, editorial, and portrait photography.

desktop browser window frameDeion Squires-rouse desktop
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Deion Squires-rouse

Theme used: Obsidian
About Deion Squires-rouse

Deion Squires-Rouse is a Scarborough born visual artist, currently in his first year of Ryerson's Image-Arts program. Working primarily with lens-based media, he attempts to communicate the link between the physical world and emotional consciousness, oftentimes drawing upon contemporary themes to incite a connection with his viewers. He is heavily influenced by his forays into the various diverse scenes of Toronto youth culture as well as his experiences as a young person of colour.

desktop browser window framebrandon gorrie desktop
phone window framebrandon gorrie mobile
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brandon gorrie

Theme used: Reel
About brandon gorrie

Brandon Gorrie is a photographer based in Austin, TX who loves to capture images that pose more questions than provide answers. Much of Brandon's work is inspired by Soviet and Western Cinema from the 60's until present- his favorite cinematographer being Sven Nykvist who worked with Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky. .


Self Portrait Ideas: Study and Recreate Other Self-Portraits

A great way to improve your self portraits, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, is to study other self portraits and practice recreating them. This will not only give you insight into facial expressions and how to pose, but it will also give you ideas for how to light your shot and how you can get creative with your self portrait edits in Photoshop. Looking through the portrait portfolios of photographers that inspire you is a great place to start. 

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desktop browser window frameNino Bartolo desktop
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Nino Bartolo

Theme used: Frame
About Nino Bartolo

Nino Bartolo, a multi-talented artist hailing from Macau of Portuguese descent, has garnered acclaim in both photography and hairdressing. He has been honored with multiple awards, including the prestigious "Picture of the Year 2011/12" in the Exposure Award Photo Competition. A decade ago, Nino fully committed to photography, honing his skills in portraiture, landscape, and architecture, utilising both digital and analogue medium format cameras.

desktop browser window frameMayowa Iyanda desktop
phone window frameMayowa Iyanda mobile
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Mayowa Iyanda

Theme used: Line
About Mayowa Iyanda

Mayowa Iyanda is a photographer with an eye for human aesthetics, always wanting to celebrate the Beauty of the people he photographs. His creative philosophy is celebrate life

desktop browser window frameRachel Seidu desktop
phone window frameRachel Seidu mobile
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Rachel Seidu

Theme used: Medium
About Rachel Seidu

Rachel Seidu is a conceptual, portraiture and documentary photographer interested in visual stories.

desktop browser window frameJan Mayo desktop
phone window frameJan Mayo mobile
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Jan Mayo

Theme used: Slate
About Jan Mayo

Jan Mayo is a portrait photographer based in Manila, Philippines. He is also a trained aeroplane pilot, a professional theatre performer, and a sports science graduate – all of which allow him to passionately combine creativity and technical skill.

desktop browser window frameAnna Salek desktop
phone window frameAnna Salek mobile
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Anna Salek

Theme used: Horizon
About Anna Salek

Multi awarded portrait and fashion photographer, based in St Helens North West.

desktop browser window frameJason Ward desktop
phone window frameJason Ward mobile
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Jason Ward

Theme used: Hue
About Jason Ward

Jason Ward is an LA based street, documentary, and portrait photographer.


Family Portrait Ideas: Make them feel relaxed

One of the challenges of family portraits is getting everyone to look at ease at the same time. If one group member looks uncomfortable or awkward, it can ruin an otherwise good photo. A great way to help your subjects feel relaxed is to shoot in a setting that is familiar to them. In the case of family portrait photography, shooting at their home, or at a local location such as a park that they all enjoy, can help you capture images they’ll all be sure to love.  

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desktop browser window frameDaniel Hébert desktop
phone window frameDaniel Hébert mobile
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Daniel Hébert

Theme used: Amazon
About Daniel Hébert

Daniel Hébert is an award winning, Bay Area based photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. Daniel attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography, and received a degree in Art with a specialization in Photography. Daniel's work has been featured in international publications and media.

desktop browser window frameSheona Beach desktop
phone window frameSheona Beach mobile
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Sheona Beach

Theme used: Horizon
About Sheona Beach

Sheona Beach is a portrait and headshot photographer located in Brisbane Australia

desktop browser window frameNicklaus Walter desktop
phone window frameNicklaus Walter mobile
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Nicklaus Walter

Theme used: Gloss
About Nicklaus Walter

Nicklaus has been obsessed with photography since he was 16 years old. At the time, his main interest was capturing photos of his friends skateboarding in his hometown. Nicklaus's work has been licensed by some of the world's biggest brands including Apple, Conde Nast, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, American Express, AT&T, Cosmopolitan, Walmart, Allergan, Booking.com, Invesco, Healthline, John Hancock, Whattoexpect.com, and Bauer Media.

desktop browser window frameSapna Khan desktop
phone window frameSapna Khan mobile
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Sapna Khan

Theme used: Frame
About Sapna Khan

Influenced by literature and the cinema, Sapna Khan's work focuses on portrait, photojournalistic, and editorial photography. A journalism graduate of the University of Westminster (UK), she went on to attend the Spéos International Photography School (Paris). She has exhibited her work in London, Paris, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, and Lahore. Sapna has received over 6 Honourable Mention Awards in the TIFA 2019 and IPA 2016 & 2018, and her work has been published in Forbes Magazine.

desktop browser window frameEileen Perrier desktop
phone window frameEileen Perrier mobile
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Eileen Perrier

Theme used: Mode
About Eileen Perrier

Eileen Perrier’s work has been widely exhibited since 1999, including The Photographers' Gallery, (London, UK); Tate Britain (London, UK); The Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK), the touring exhibition Africa Remix, which included the Hayward Gallery (London) and The Centre Pompidou (Paris, France).

desktop browser window frameNikita Artinian desktop
phone window frameNikita Artinian mobile
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Nikita Artinian

Theme used: Amazon
About Nikita Artinian

Nikita Artinian is a portrait photographer in Midwest, USA


Portrait Photography Ideas: Nail your lighting setup

Acing your lighting setup is key to taking great portraits. A studio portrait photography tip you can start using right away is to avoid using on-camera flash. Illuminating your subject with a bright light directly from the front can really flatten their features, and remove any interesting dimensions you could otherwise capture. Instead, use an off-camera flash setup and light them from angle. You can play around with the position for the most flattering shot. 

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desktop browser window frameMihkel Ernits desktop
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Mihkel Ernits

Theme used: Coral
About Mihkel Ernits

Mihkel Ernits is a freelance photographer /director/ performing artist from Estonia. Last 3 years he was working as lighting operations manager at Big Sky Studios in London. He's shooting mainly portraits and documentary projects.

desktop browser window frameMatthew desktop
phone window frameMatthew mobile
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Theme used: Spruce
About Matthew

Matthew is a freelance photographer specializing in portrait and architectural photography. Born and raised in Colorado and working as a designer in Chicago, he brings a free spirited love of the outdoors and a thoughtful approach to his process.

desktop browser window frameNoemie Marguerite desktop
phone window frameNoemie Marguerite mobile
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Noemie Marguerite

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Noemie Marguerite

Noemie is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work is a form of storytelling through the language of colors. Her wide-ranging portrait photography website includes portraiture, environmental photography, event photography, color grading, and videography services. She has worked with top brands such as Nike and Spotify and has been featured in the pages of Vogue.

desktop browser window frameannajopp desktop
phone window frameannajopp mobile
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Theme used: Ora
About annajopp

Anna Jopp is a Polish photographer living in Budapest since 2014. She has been working with different 120 mm and 35 mm cameras and films. The aesthetic of analog photography, the colours and textures have convinced her that this type of photography suits her best. She believes analog photography is kind of a ritual, from the careful choice of film and shots to the development process. Living in Budapest has encouraged her to focus on photography, as the city is a perfect place for a photograph

desktop browser window frameKyle Dorosz desktop
phone window frameKyle Dorosz mobile
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Kyle Dorosz

Theme used: Clarity
About Kyle Dorosz

Kyle Dorosz is a New York City based photographer. Born and raised in the great state of Maryland. When he's not shooting, he enjoys road trips, spicy margaritas, and is always on the lookout for his next denim jacket.

desktop browser window frameKyna Uwaeme desktop
phone window frameKyna Uwaeme mobile
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Kyna Uwaeme

Theme used: Triptych
About Kyna Uwaeme

Kyna Uwaeme began photography as a way to find her voice in this world. Now she is a direct voice for her community. Kyna likes to focus on topics relating to identity, music, culture and women's issues.


Portrait Background Ideas: Get creative and DIY

You don’t need a breathtaking location or expensive studio to start taking portfolio-worthy portraits. Getting creative with your portrait background is a great way to make your images stand out. You can take a DIY approach with materials you may already have, like bedsheets and fabric. You can also buy backdrops online in just about any color or print you can think of. These typically come in reusable rolls, so you can repurpose them for future shoots.

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desktop browser window frameTodd Collins desktop
phone window frameTodd Collins mobile
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Todd Collins

Theme used: Gloss
About Todd Collins

Todd Collins is a Salt Lake City based photographer whose work focuses on portraiture, as well as promotional work for businesses and events.

desktop browser window frameHenri Verhoef desktop
phone window frameHenri Verhoef mobile
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Henri Verhoef

Theme used: Chroma
About Henri Verhoef

Henri Verhoef (1990, Harderwijk) is an Amsterdam based image maker whose work evolves around socially constructed ideas about masculinity. In creating imagery he finds control. His stylized portraiture is known for it’s technical perfection and tremendous eye for detail. Sculpting the faces of his subjects with light, he looks for theatricality combined with stillness, finished off with an artificial gloss.

desktop browser window framePawel Przytocki desktop
phone window framePawel Przytocki mobile
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Pawel Przytocki

Theme used: Peak
About Pawel Przytocki

Pawel Przytocki is based in London and has graduated from photography at the Middlesex University London. He is passionate about analog photography and works with portrait and fashion.

desktop browser window frameNEIL BEDFORD desktop
phone window frameNEIL BEDFORD mobile
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Theme used: Iris

Neil Bedford is a photographer based in London working mostly on commercial, editorial and personal projects, with a boldly established style. His client include Apple, Adidas, Burberry, Lululemon, Rapha and more.

desktop browser window frameVera Bitterer desktop
phone window frameVera Bitterer mobile
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Vera Bitterer

Theme used: Foreground
About Vera Bitterer

Vera Landmann (née Bitterer) was born in 1993 in Frankfurt am Main and then spent her early childhood in Los Gatos, California. Today, based in Berlin, Vera is working as a photographer in the fields of portrait, still life and travel documentary. She enjoys mostly shooting on film but is equally technically adept in digital as well as studio lighting.

desktop browser window frameKhalid Amakran desktop
phone window frameKhalid Amakran mobile
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Khalid Amakran

Theme used: Meander
About Khalid Amakran

Khalid 'Khala' Amakran, (Rotterdam, 91) was born to migrant parents from Moroccan descent in a neighbourhood that could be considered as society's rock bottom. As painful and ugly as the situations were, I could still see the beauty of it. As an adolescent, I started to become increasingly interested in the human psyche and photography is now a way to investigate and expose the stories and people I come across.


Self Portrait Ideas At Home With Your Phone: Make use of portrait mode

Camera phones have reached new levels of quality in recent years with built-in features that recreate the look of higher-quality DSLR cameras. Check if your phone has a portrait mode that enables you to blur the background of your portraits if you want them to look like they were shot on an expensive camera. If you’re using a phone tripod, place it slightly below your eye level for a flattering portrait.

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