Charles Bierk: The latest from this incredible photorealistic painter

With every freckle and hair captured so perfectly, it's not hard to mistake these paintings for photographs.

Charles Bierk doesn’t reveal much in the biography of his online portfolio: he was born in 1987, graduated from OCAD with a focus on drawing and painting in 2011, and lives and works in Toronto. Instead, to learn a bit about the immensely talented painter, one has to do some digging to find out that he was raised in Peterborough, has a number of artistically-minded siblings like himself, and is the son of famous American-born Canadian painter David Bierk.

But background details become unnecessary when confronted with Charles’s work. Instead, the minutiae that matter here are nearly microscopic: his paintings are so painstakingly built by small details that they appear to be photographed portraits, even on close inspection. The result communicates Bierk’s interpretation of his subjects in a more personal and less documentary nature than most photographs—instead of being simply presented with the subject, we’re given that subject filtered through the mind of the artist. The result is a creation somehow mechanically human, yet something that no machine could ever build.

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